2 Sisters in Big Trouble!

Running time 50:44 Price $51.00

From a Custom Video starring Dee Williams and Agatha Delicious: Detective Dee is a little over protective of her sister Agatha, but that doesn’t mean she is wrong. Agatha gets involved with a really bad man, but Dee can’t convince her to leave. Soon enough both sisters are bound, gagged (multiple times) and writhing helplessly in lingerie. They almost escape, but Tim captures them again and ties and gags them some more. He’s going to sell them into slavery, but not before he samples the goods for himself of course. He rapes each sister in turn, then ties them up and gags them one last time so they can be delivered to their new owners.
NOTE: there’s a watered-down version of this video on C4S, with all the abductions, rapes, and any mention of ‘sisters’ removed for censorship reasons. If you want the full uncensored version it’s available at NicheClips, or you can email me for private sale. Oh, and as always, FUCK CENSORSHIP!