Hire Me!

PRODUCERS: I am available for hire as “Male Dom” talent.

Contact me at Tim@ProVillain.com for rates and availability.

What I’m good at:

Rope bondage – This is really what I’m best known for. I have expertise in all levels of on-screen or off-screen rigging, from as simple as just wrists & ankles up to full-on suspensions.

Torture – I’m good at all manner of BDSM activities including bare hand spanking, flogging, single-tail whips, hot wax, violet wands… just ask if there’s something specific. I promise I will not bluff or claim to be good at something I don’t know how to do.

Fantasy Stuff – I make a pretty convincing burglar, pirate, vampire, biker, thug, even principal or executive if you want me in a suit & tie.

Sex performance – I will do sex scenes within fetish productions, I just tend to steer clear of non-fetish mainstream sex. That being said, I’ll be the creepy uncle, janitor, long-haired rocker, or whatever you need. Taboo “incest” or blackmail “reluctant sex” or whatever’s fine, if I look like what you need then let’s talk. I test regularly and will honor my co-worker’s preferences where condoms are concerned.

Why you should hire me:

I am safe and reliable. I have over 20 years’ experience in both the BDSM lifestyle and on camera in fetish productions. In all that time I have never injured a model or violated anyone’s limits. I never leave marks on a model unless she specifically says that’s okay. You can check with anyone I’ve ever worked with and they’ll all tell you that although I am a horrible evil bastard on-camera, I’m very respectful and easy to work with in reality. I will not try to take over your production. I will do what you direct me to do (so long as it is safe and within my skill set). I always show up on time, tested, sober, with a good attitude, and ready to give your production my very best.


I teach a variety of classes, and can speak on a wide range of topics within the BDSM/Fetish realm. Contact me at Tim@ProVillian.com for speaking rates and availability. Classes I offer include but are not limited to:

RAPE FANTASY ROLEPLAY – This one is very popular. Exploring the excitement and power dynamic of this edgy topic can be frightening, but I approach it in a very positive, non-threatening way. I give a full presentation on the subject including (if appropriate) live demonstrations.

ROPE BONDAGE CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS – I teach a monthly course in North Hollywood from simple basics up through suspension rigging. I can also teach one-off, single subject courses on basics, real-time or ‘in-scene’ rigging, and many others.

IMPACT PLAY WORKSHOPS – If you want a class on spanking, flogging, single-tail whipping, paddles, or all of the above, I can tailor a workshop to your skill level and specific needs.

KNIFE PLAY – This class can include everything from selecting and caring for your blades, sharpening/maintaining a razor’s edge, dulling knives for play, how to keep from cutting by accident, and tips for cutting on purpose.

POLYAMORY/NON-MONOGAMY – Another popular topic I get asked about a lot is negotiating and maintaining non-traditional relationships both within the Adult Industry and in regular life. I have a lot of experience in this lifestyle as well, and have been giving classes and lectures on this subject for nearly 20 years.