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20 Years of Villains Life

April 2016 marked my 20th anniversary in Porn! Here’s a compilation of highlights from my glorious career so far. I […]

Stacy Burke Ravished

From a Custom Video: Remastered re-released footage of the lovely legendary Stacy Burke! In part 1 we see Stacy in […]

One Sick Joke

Joker and Poison Ivy trap Batgirl and fondle her. Batgirl gets away & ties up Ivy. TwoFace catches them both […]

Super Stacy Taken Down

I got to work with my long-time friend Stacy Burke whom I have a HUGE crush on, in classic superheroine […]

Stacy Burke Trouble Sleeping

Poor Stacy is having trouble sleeping. She takes several dozen pills and with a comic eye-crossing wobble, she’s out like […]

Stacy Burke Giftwrapped

I came home from work one day and there was an adorable Stacy, hogtied and cleave-gagged on my bed. There’s […]

Stacy Burke Dreams of the Ravisher

Fetish Dream-Girl Stacy Burke gets to enjoy her own Dream of the Ravisher! This set is only a teaser, but […]