Stacy Burke Ravished

From a Custom Video: Remastered re-released footage of the lovely legendary Stacy Burke!

In part 1 we see Stacy in sheer lingerie going to bed. She snuggles into the sheets and falls into a fitful dream. In her dream she is in a sexy black dress, getting ready to go out when the Ravisher sneaks up behind her, putting a chloroform-soaked rag to her mouth and ending her plans. Stacy squeaks and struggles but cannot escape. Soon she collapses helpless to the ground. The Ravisher takes his time, slowly groping, fondling and stripping her before carrying her to her bed where he ties her spread-eagle and starts to feast on her captive exposed pussy. Stacy slowly comes around, horrified to see the Ravisher licking her. She tries to get away, tries to resist, but eventually succumbs to a powerful forced orgasm. The Ravisher leaves her there, breathless and humiliated as her ‘dream’ ends…

In part 2 Stacy’s dreams continue: We watch her toss and turn, beginning to fondle herself in her sleep as the dreams get her more and more excited. In her dream she is again dressed for a sexy girls’ night out when the Ravisher grabs her from behind. She tries to fight him off, kicking her sexy black boots into the air, but she is unable to resist the chloroform and again she passes out in his clutches. The Ravisher strips her once more, running his hands over her bare breasts and ass before tying her hands behind her back. He hoists her to her knees and forces his cock into her mouth as she slowly wakes. She moans in degraded horror as he rapes her mouth, cock deep in her throat, then tit-fucks her before continuing his forced blowjob… Watch sleeping Stacy getting wetter and wetter, fondling herself like mad as her dream continues… The Ravisher bends her over on the bed and roughly rapes her from behind, yanking on her hair as he drives himself deep into her pussy. Then he flips her over as she succumbs to orgasm after orgasm, eventually moaning and writhing under him as he cums deep inside her womb. Finally watch sleeping Stacy groan aloud in her sleep as he cums hard on her own fingers and settles down, a huge smile on her peaceful sleepy face.

Stacy Burke Clip 01

Stacy Burke Clip 02