Nadia White Suspended & Singletailed

Nadia white wanders innocently along, collecting virtual critters on some phone app or other. Little does she know she’s been led into a trap by a cruel slave trader. He soaks a rag in chloroform and jumps her. Nadia tries to put up a struggle but in mere seconds she is out cold and being carried away…
Nadia awakens naked, tied up, and hanging like meat on a hook in a warehouse. She struggles and wriggles but can’t break free. Soon her captor arrives and begins to break her. First he shoves a ballgag in her mouth, then clamps little bells to her nipples. He taunts her and laughs at her cries as he starts to beat her with a riding crop, on her back, ass, tits, even her face. Nadia resists his torture as best she can, so he gets a single-tail whip and starts to lay into her. How much torture can poor Nadia take before she breaks and accepts her new lot in life as a sex slave, sold to the highest bidder?


Stephie Staar Suspended Squirt

Stephie Staar wanted to do an artistic suspension position, so I get to be creative with my ropework. You get to watch as every turn of rope wraps around her sexy body, hugging her tight. We laugh and tease each other till it’s time to hoist her up into the air like the living piece of art that she is. And now that I’ve got her bound and suspended in mid-air it’s time to have some fun! First a little groping and fingering, then rather a LOT of pussy eating, finally good old Mr. Hitachi gets a turn, during which, predictably, Stephie squirts EVERYWHERE!!!


Makayla Cox In Hell

From a 3-part Custom Video: Makayla Cox must have lived a sinful life to end up in this special Hell, bound and dominated by a Demon who uses floggers, ice cubes, pinwheels, and why the heck not, VIBRATORS to torment his victims! That’s right, FORCED ORGASMS as punishments in HELL! Hey it’s porn. Don’t question it, just enjoy.


Stephie Staar in “School Deal”

Stephie Staar and I have way too much fun shooting together. Here we are in a schoolroom set, her all punk snark and attitude, me as an unlikely undercover narc. (Just go with us here.) Stephie gets caught red-handed and I start to haul her in when she offers me a deal. One thing leads to another… One thing being a quick hard spanking, the other being a blowjob. Stephie’s too good though and eventually I need to flip her over and fuck her good. After I cum all over her sexy belly it’s time to clean up… with a tight cord around her tender neck. You know, because VILLAIN!


Pepper Sterling Hogtied

Gorgeous naturally busty Pepper Sterling, hogtied, wearing a satin robe which I eventually rip to show her amazing boobage, she’s making bedroom eyes at you through the camera the whole time… who needs ad copy? This stuff sells itself!


Cupcake SinClair Blindfolded Bootworship

She kneels at my feet, naked, submissive, patient, perfectly trained. When I give the barest nod she eagerly slides to my leather boot and licks with long adoring worshipful swipes of her tongue. She debases herself before me, licking my boots like they give her life, even as I press one heel to the back of her neck and demonstrate my complete power over her. (more…)

Nadia White Spreadeagled

From a Custom Video: The lovely feisty Nadia White, naked but for a leather chastity belt, struggles hard as she can but she can’t escape my bonds. She is bound naked, spread eagled to a bed. Eventually she’ll be butt-ass naked, pussy soaked in lube, and then chloroformed and groped in her sleep. Step inside and see for yourself…


Riley reyes Trained

4-part Custom Video featuring the angelic Riley Reyes as terrified captive. Watch as she’s forced to wear sexy lingerie, anally raped, and slowly trained to become the perfect cocksucking bondage slut!


Stephie Staar Nurse Drugged

Stephie Staar is dressed as a sexy nurse. I could really just stop writing the ad copy right there, couldn’t I? I don’t even really need to tell you how I spray a drug in her face that renders her totally obedient to me. I don’t have to describe the look of panic in her eye as I make her slap herself, choke herself, torture her own nipples… Nah, you’re already sold. (more…)

Marie McCray vs the Witch King

From a Custom Video: Marie McCray is a Witch Hunter. You can tell by the required uniform: Skimpy suede bikini. She gets more than she bargained for when she tangles with the Witch King. After a brief battle his magic leaves her unconscious and defenseless. He uses black magic to drain her life force, then gropes and fingers her, finally fucking her while she lays helpless to resist him. Will he drain her life force all the way, or keep her as his new sex slave? Watch and see…


Nadia White Bondage Orgasm

I’d been waiting a long time for the chance to work with Nadia, and when it finally came, she did NOT disappoint. We shot some great stuff on our first day together, including this lovely little sensual consensual bondage + Hitachi scene. Nadia is definitely Top Shelf Villain Candy and I will work with her every single chance I get!


Tia Cyrus Open Mouthed Doll

From a Custom Video: Tia has been a bad slave. Her Master loaned her out to a friend and she was returned as unsatisfactory. Now her Master has to punish her with severe whippings, spankings, humiliation (including repeatedly splashing her in the face with water) and rough blowjobs and fucking until she learns her place again. Let’s hope the lesson takes a long time to learn!


Marie McCray Drugged Drink

Marie is working late at the office. She takes a break for some coffee when in walks Tim. It’s just the two of them in the building so late at night. She doesn’t notice as he drips a few drops of something special into her coffee mug. Soon Marie is out like a light. Tim takes his time, slowly stripping and groping her, snapping photos on his phone at every step. (more…)

“Vampire Brawl” Featuring Cupcake SinClair

Fledgling vampire Cupcake is all dolled up, ready to go prey on mortals. But she has displeased her Master and he has decided she must be punished. Cupcake resists and must be taught a lesson. They fight, hissing and raging, tossing each other around with inhuman strength. Will the sexy fledgling earn her freedom, or will she suffer an excruciating beatdown and go to bed without supper? Watch and see…


Nadia White Slashed Nightgown

Nadia White snoozes above her covers in a gorgeous purple nightgown and perfect makeup, as Fetish Models tend to do. A creepy evil Villain, dressed in black, creeps up on her, knife in hand, as creepy evil Villains tend to do. Is any of this surprising or original? Perhaps not, but if Nadia White is abducted at knife point, bound and gagged, and has her nighty slashed away to expose her amazing creamy curvy perfect body, who’s gonna complain???


Tia Cyrus gets a Massage

Thank goodness for porn. Otherwise you’d never get so amazingly fine a woman as Tia into such a seedy creepy massage parlor. And here we are, watching her strip, showing off her amazing curves, then slip into a satin teddy. You know, ‘because we’re out of towels’ heh heh heh. (more…)

Cupcake SinClair Drugged Bondage Blowjob

Pretty young dancer Cupcake is getting ready for her first Feature Performance when the manager comes into her dressing room to check up on her. A little sleazy pawing and he can tell by her reactions she’s not that kind of girl, so he forces her at knifepoint to take a handful of pills. (more…)

Marie McCray Suspended Bondage Orgasm

So, Marie and I were shooting together & had some extra time. She said she loves suspensions & Hitachis and well, one thing led to another… and we filmed the whole thing. You’re welcome.


Cherie DeVille in “The Animal”

From a Custom Video: Cherie DeVille is a snobby vindictive boss who fires the (admittedly creepy crazy) janitor. He returns with a gun, and after a brief struggle carries her off for retribution in his den. What follows is a 6-part EPIC masterpiece of torture, insanity, degradation, bondage blowjobs, bondage sex, branding, piercing, monsters, buckets of cum, and an amazing acting job by a consummate professional adult star (Cherie, not me! I was just lucky to be there).


Tia Cyrus and Nikki Delano in Sister Slaves 3

From a Custom Video: The continuing saga of real life sisters Nikki Delano and Tia Cyrus, once sexy camgirls, now the broken thoroughly trained slaves of the Beast. He ties them together, forces his demonic cock down their throats over and over, pumps stale cum into their pussies asses and mouths, and ultimately ties them face to face sharing a ballgag and each others’ spit as he fucks them doggystyle one after the other, cumming in both then making them lick up anything that leaks out of their violated pussies.


Ella Knox Spread Eagle

Lovely all natural Ella Knox primps before a mirror, not suspecting an intruder is about to assault her. He holds a cloth to her face and after a few seconds of struggling it’s lights out. He flicks open a switchblade and shreds her blouse, groping and squeezing her massive breasts before scooping her into his arms and carrying her off… (more…)

Tia Cyrus & Nikki Delano in “Initiation”

What a perfect pair. Feisty brunette Tia Cyrus in a black dress, her sexbomb sister Nikki Delano in a matching white dress, it’s a Villain’s fantasy! They want to join my evil operations but need to pass a test of loyalty first. Each sister must hold the other still while I spank and whip her ass. They both pass with flying colors (mostly hot pink) and we move on to test their skills in a more intimate setting. The girls take turns worshipping my cock, then move in to share like the true close sisters they are. Nikki absolutely goes to TOWN on my balls while Tia slurps my shaft with wild abandon. I confess it was a hard choice who’s mouth to cum into, they were both so eager. Henchmen like this are a welcome addition to any good Villain’s team!


Ella Knox Bondage Orgasm

Newcomer Ella Knox had never been tied up, and had never experienced the legendary Hitachi Magic Wand before, so I got to give her two brand new experiences at once! I tied her in a frogtie, fondled those amazing huge natural breasts of hers, then went to town on her pretty little pussy with my Hitachi. Watch and see for yourself, but I’d say she’s a fan!


Pepper Hart Hot Wax

From a Custom Video featuring Pepper Hart: I am honestly astounded by how many amazing gorgeous talented sweet smart sexy wonderful women I have worked with in this industry, and Pepper Hart stands out as one of the very top of that list. Here’s another ‘choose your style’ double feature of Pepper tied up, taking a hard flogging, Hitachi strapped to her thigh for multiple forced orgasms, then laying spread eagle bound and helpless as hot was is poured all over her perfect body. But does she love it or hate it? Is she willing bondage bunny or helpless damsel? Or perhaps both?


Stephie Staar Suspended Violet Wand & Forced Orgasm

This is so much awesome in one clip it’s hard to give it just one name. Gorgeous bubbly delightful Stephie Starr, in her first-ever suspension bondage, including all the rigging, experiencing her first-ever violet wand, during which she squeaks and squeals as she’s shocked from tits to toes and everywhere in between, and topped off with a Hitachi forced orgasm that practically turns her inside out. Seriously, that’s a LOT of awesome for just one 25-minute movie!


Abbey Rain Bondage Sex

Lithe lovely Abbey Lane is tied up tight, arms in a boxtie, Gunslinger crotchrope around her waist and thighs, waiting for the fun to start and already wriggling with anticipation. (more…)

Stephie Staar in “Singletail Squirt”

Let me tell you something folks, this Stephie chick loves her work. We got together not that long ago for a little BDSM fun and she so clearly loved it. She had never been single-tail whipped before so after a good hard spanking and flogging for warmup, and thanks to her trust in me, I was able to introduce her to my singletail. She took more than I would have thought so as a reward I sat her in my lap and rubbed my Hitachi against her until she squirted like a frakkin geyser. See? When classy Damsels play with dastardly Villains, everybody wins! Especially you because you get to watch!


Riley Reyes Violet Wand

Riley Reyes has been abducted and carried off to a secret location. When she comes to she is bound and gagged, naked, sitting facing a camera. Her abductor enters and explains she is being used as leverage to gain compliance out of her wealthy husband. (more…)

Makayla Cox Interrogated

From a Custom Video: Makayla Cox finds herself half-naked, tied to a cross, unsure where she is. A man comes in and splashes cold water on her face and t-shirt to get her full attention. He says he knows she is a spy and he will get the truth out of her. He uses every means of torture at his disposal: whips, electric nipple clamps, Tens units, nipple weights, violet wands, hot wax, ice cubes, even forces orgasms from her to prove she can’t resist him. Will she break? Is she even really a spy? Watch and see…


Stephie Staar Bondage Sex

I first worked with Stephie for in Portland. We hit it off great and had a wonderful day together, but it just so happens that we never actually fucked. So, when she told me she was visiting LA, we set up a play date and filmed it for you. Stephie’s fun-loving smile and sincere love of BDSM and bondage sex led to a very real, very HOT scene. (more…)

Pepper Hart in “Roulette”

Pepper sleeps safe and sound in her bedroom until an Intruder breaks in. He takes a moment to fondle her sleeping curves then wakes her with a hand over her mouth and a gun pointed at her face. (more…)

Ashlee Graham Spreadeagle

Three part Custom Video featuring Ashlee Graham spreadeagle, bound naked to a bed and writhing around so you can watch those lovely breasts of hers as she struggles. Oh and of course there’s a chloroform knockout at the end because, hey, Villain.


Abbey Rain 2 Ways

From a Custom Video another choose your own adventure: Does she love it or hate it? Option 1: Abbey meets her Master for a sensual consensual playdate. He ties her up in a standing spreadeagle, then lovingly caresses her body with a heavy flogger. Abbey moans in pleasure with every hard blow as the whip lands on her. (more…)

Pepper Hart’s Pervy Pics

Luscious young Pepper Hart sneaks into her Uncle Tim’s garage where he is passed out drunk. She knows he’s the wild one of the family and she knows what she wants. She’s wearing only a flimsy satin top and shorts, and armed with her cell phone begins to take very compromising photos of her face next to his crotch. (more…)

Janira Wolfe & Cupcake SinClair in “Violet Wand”

Tim and Janira have a very special way of showing their love for each other: Tim brought home a Cupcake all bound up tight and gagged. Janira squeals with delight as they begin to torment her. Tim uses a Violet Wand to shock poor Cupcake all over while Janira gets more and more visibly turned on. Ultimately Janira brings herself to orgasm to the sound of Cupcake’s gag-muffled screams. Isn’t that romantic???


Nikki Delano & Tia Cyrus Sister Slaves 2

Custom Video sequel: Tia Cyrus and Nikki Delano are still slaves to the mighty Beast. They endure horrible torments including suspensions, cruel whippings, and azer shocks. The Beast tests their broken wills by pissing on their breasts and forcing them to suck dildos full of cum. When he believes they are good and ready to be bred he forces them to dance for him and whip each other, then shoves his cock into each of their mouths. Finally he fucks them over and over until he shoots a load deep into Nikki’s belly and another all over Tia’s back and ass. The broken slaves lie there in shock as they realize they are property of the Beast forever.


Abbey Rain in “After School Special”

The uptight straight-laced straight-A student always has a secret, doesn’t she? In this case meet Abbey Rain, perfect student by day, rebellious punk after school. She sneaks into the empty classroom to steal the answers to the next test and sell them to her friends, but somebody catches her. He grabs her and forces her to drink from a bottle of something he’s brought with him. Abbey tries to fight him off, but the drug gets into her system and she goes weak. (more…)

Lauren Phillips in Yoga Bondage

Lauren Phillips thinks she’s here for a Yoga lesson, but Miles Long and I have a better idea. We convince her to try our new “Yoga Bondage” class and I proceed to tie her up to you know, improve her flexibility and stamina. Lauren goes along, dubious but trusting, until she’s securely tied up. Then we get to the groping, and the stripping. Soon she’s half naked, being forced to spit on her own breasts and endure our degrading comments while she struggles helplessly in her bonds. Finally, we tire of our sport and leave her there to fend for herself. Surely somebody will come along in a few days to set her free, right?


Janira Wolfe & Cupcake SinClaire Double Bound

(Cupcake and Janira’s very first day filming together, you’re welcome!)
Why is it that every all-girl sleepover seems to include at least two cute girls in satin slips sneaking through a supposedly ‘haunted’ building on a dare? In this case it’s Janira and Cupcake snooping around. Tim grabs Janira from behind and puts a wire around her neck. (more…)

Odette Delacroix 2 Ways

This is like a choose your own adventure: Does she love it or hate it? Option 1: Odette meets her Master for a sensual consensual playdate. He ties her up in a standing spreadeagle, then lovingly caresses her body with a heavy flogger. Odette moans in pleasure with every hard blow as the whip lands on her. Then he adds a Hitachi, tied tight against her pussy. (more…)

Lauren Phillips Seduced and Corrupted

So I admit this is a tad mainstream for this normally fetishy Villain, but hey when Lauren Phillips invites you to have sex on camera, you say YES. So, we spun it as Creepy Neighbor (that’s me) hits on his pal’s pretty but gullible roommate (that’s her) (more…)

Nikki Delano & Tia Cyrus, Sister Slaves!

I don’t even know where to start with this one. It’s a Custom Video, and one of the most amazing ones I’ve ever gotten to shoot. Tia Cyrus and Nikki Delano, who are real life sisters, also play sisters in this video. They are doing a webcam show, flirting and coaxing money out of their viewers, and laughing about them behind their backs. Little do they know a very disturbed man is watching their show and plotting. (more…)

Alyssa Lynn Spreadeagled & Straitjacket Fucked

From a 3-part Custom Video: Alyssa Lynn has been brought to a very special clinic after she was arrested at a protest rally. She is bound to a bed, spreadeagle and naked, while her captor interrogates her. Ultimately he puts her in a straitjacket and then forces himself on her, forcing her to cum over and over before he finally shoots a huge load across her belly. Then he knocks her out with a strong dose of chloroform so you can gaze at her luscious nude defenseless body for a while. You’re welcome.


Janira Wolfe & Star Nine in POV Flogging

Did you ever want to have two amazingly sexy blondes, tied together in a double spread eagle on your bed? Did you ever fantasize about watching them writhe and moan as you stalk around their naked helpless bodies? Would you pick up a flogger and start to whip them, first one then the other on their bare asses and exposed naked soles of their feet? Would you whip them together, standing over them and flailing away as they grind their hips into the mattress with desire under your lashing? Well, maybe, just maybe, this clip is for you.


Lily Lane in Sweet Dream

Lily Lane lays in her bed, dreaming of what all kinky chicks dream of. In her mind’s eye she is tied down, legs open, hands overhead, helpless as her lover comes to her. In reality her fingertips trace down her silk nightgown as in her dream he exposes her breasts, kissing, fondling, licking her nipples. In reality her questing fingers slide ever further down as in the dream he finds her thighs, then spreads them so he can feast on her with his tongue. Lily moans and writhes, in dream and in bed, until she has a huge climax. Was it her lover’s tongue, or her own frantic fingertips? Who cares, as long as we get to watch! Sweet dreams, sweet Lily!


Alyssa Lynn Cheesecake

If you want to talk classic adult performers you need look no further than Alyssa Lynn. Platinum blonde hair, hypnotically beautiful smile, amazing breasts, a body to put comic book superheroines to shame. She also seriously knows how to work a camera. I got her in my ropes and she writhes around the bed making the most enticing “come fuck the hell out of me” eyes as she does. DAMN that girl has got it all! I hope you enjoy this nice sensual consensual bondage scene and I hope like hell I get to work with this amazing woman again!


Jelena Jensen Spreadeagle

From a Custom Video – Jelena Jensen was making a fuss at her son’s soccer game. In what might not seem that far fetched a scenario, she was taken into custody, stripped entirely naked, and put in a steel yoke until she can calm down. When she starts mouthing off to her custodian, she ends up tied spread-eagle to a bed, still fully naked, outraged and struggling powerlessly until they decide what to do with her…


Kat Dior Sensual Consensual

After a hard day of doing evil, Kat Dior and I decided to lighten things up with a sensual consensual bondage sex scene. This plays almost like behind scenes footage, with us laughing and flirting as I slowly tie her down. Kat smiles and writhes, obviously already turned on. (more…)

Janira Wolfe Stabbed

Pretty little Janira is bragging on the phone to her friend about how well her divorce turned out for her. Turns out she shouldn’t have spoken so soon. Her crazy ex hires a Villain to abduct her. As soon as she hangs up he shoves a chloroformed rag on her face. Janira tries to scream and struggle but soon her eyes roll back as the drug takes effect. (more…)

Lily Lane Forced Orgasm

I keep trying to come up with a clever way to say HOLY FUCK how did I get Lily Lane into my ropes, drooling through my gag, writhing under my whips, and cumming on my Hitachi?!?!? How the HELL did my VillainsLife turn out so well?
I have no idea. But I do hope you enjoy.


Riley Reyes in Mutual Bliss

It’s safe to say I’m going to work with Riley Reyes every chance I get. Here’s a little clip we shot together, just us and a camera on a tripod. Riley wanted a good sensual spanking, a little paddling and whipping, and a big Hitachi-induced climax. I wanted to do all of those things to her anyway. I mean, LOOK at that amazing ass! Oh and in the spirit of mutual bliss, she sucked my cock until we both came at the same time, her moaning and writhing and swallowing every drop of my cum. I know I’ve said this before but GOD I love my job!!!


Charlotte Cross and Cupcake SinClair in “Caper”

Charlotte Cross and Cupcake SinClair in “Caper” – Short version: two sexy naked chicks tied up and being very, very silly. (more…)

Kat Dior, Perfect Little Pet

My perfect little pet Kat Dior waits in her birdcage. She sways and writhes slowly in her confinement, wearing only a satin slip, wrist and ankles bound. She so clearly wants to come out and play, her bound hands pulling and lifting at the hem of her skirt revealing that amazing round ass of hers so fetchingly…

Janira Wolfe Drowned

Beautiful Janira Wolfe dressed only in a bikini relaxes in a secluded resort spa. She thinks she has the tub all to herself but a bold Villain slips into the water to join her. She tries to express her discomfort but he ignores her clues and slides closer and closer to her. Finally as she is getting up to leave he grabs her, hand over her mouth and threatens to strangle her if she’s not quiet and more obedient. Terrified, Janira agrees to be good and he begins to paw at her, taking off her bikini top and tossing it away. She promises to do whatever he wants, but what he wants most of all is to hold her head under the water. (more…)

Jelena Jensen Bound for Your Pleasure

Okay. I admit I’ve known Jelena Jensen for years and never had the chance to hire her before now and that’s a Villain FAIL. She is easily one of the most beautiful humans I have ever laid eyes on and a total sweetheart as well. So when a Custom Video order finally came along with her in it I HAD to get extra footage that same day. (more…)

Lily Lane and the Attic Monster

Lily Lane must have heard a noise or something. So, naturally, she went upstairs to investigate. In a red satin slip and white satin bathrobe. Because duh. She looks into a dark corner, but it seems the monster was hiding in the other dark corner. He creeps up behind her with a rag full of evil liquid in hand… All of a sudden he grabs her. She tries to scream but the rag covers her mouth and after a few moments of struggling she goes limp.

Lauren Phillips Fuckdoll

Lauren Phillips is one spectacularly sexy woman. She has curves in all the right places, a dazzling devious fun loving smile, killer moves, sparkling eyes, a filthy mouth, EVERYTHING a Villain could want. So when she auditions to be a stripper at his bar, Tim gives her a very thorough vetting…


Riley Reyes Abducted

The very first time I worked with Riley Reyes! She dressed in a lovely silk robe and gown, I snuck up on her with my trusty chloroform. She tried to scream, I held her tight till she collapsed. I fondled her unconscious luscious body, then lifted and carried her away… Soon she found herself tied to an X-cross, duct tape gag over her mouth. I came in, ripped her dress to tatters, and started in on her with a flogger then a singletail. She moaned and writhed, I enjoyed myself immensely. Finally I chloroformed her again and she hung limply by her wrists as you came closer to get a good look and maybe a little taste for yourself…


Tia Cyrus and the Training Hood

Yet another custom video from one of my awesome benefactors: Tia Cyrus’s continuing story of sexual slavery, complete with chains, bondage, brutal whippings, harsh beatings, foot worship, forced blowjobs, ball licking, rough hard bondage sex, a MASSIVE cumshot across the tits… all the things you’ve come to LOVE plus a great new leather hood with hold for pony tails! I mean a Villain’s gotta grab onto SOMETHING when he’s riding hard, right???


Kat Dior Double Crossed

I saved up my Villainous profits just so I could work with this girl. This is NOT a custom video, this is purely a PRO VILLAIN PRODUCTION!

In this little story Kat Dior plays a trophy wife who’s had enough of her rich husband. She contracts a specialist to make him disappear. She figures a little flirting and a big payment and he’ll do whatever she wants. Unfortunately for Kat, her husband got to this Villain first and gave him a better assignment. A quick jab in the neck with a stun gun and she’s out like a light. (more…)

Janira Wolfe Zapped

Lovely Janira Wolfe sits in her bedroom fixing up her pretty toenails. A masked intruder sneaks up on her from behind, chloroformed rag in hand. There is a brief struggle, during which Janira’s dazzlingly gorgeous legs kick and flail beautifully, then she is out like a light. Our intruder gropes and fondles her unconscious body (because DUH!) and soon enough she is tied up. (more…)

Cupcake and Star’s Bondage Fantasy

I swear sometimes this stuff just writes itself. Adorable Cupcake SinClair and Beautiful Star Nine in sexy satin slips on a bed. They cuddle, they pet, they caress, then Star grabs some rope. Soon Cupcake is tied up and at the mercy of Star’s tickling fingertips and grazing nibbling teeth. This lasts only about forever before wouldn’t you know it Star’s tied up too and they’re both looking at YOU! Well, what are you waiting for? They obviously want you to join in their fun…


Lily Lane in Biker’s Bait

Sexy Lily Lane in her cutoff jean shorts and tank top, leather vest and boots, is bound to a chair, cleave gag between her teeth. As Tim finishes the bindings, he explains he’s holding her for ransom. The price: her boyfriend’s biker gang. He wants all their money and sworn loyalty. (more…)

Charlotte Cross Spanking

Charlotte has been bad. We don’t honestly know what she did, or why Tim is so angry with her, but he’s taking her out to the shed. She is whining and resisting, but he starts spanking her right over her skirt. She grows docile, bent over and unable to do much about it besides take the beating. Tim eventually lifts her skirt and slaps his hand down across her pink panties, slowly turning her cheeks the same color as her panties. Finally he pulls those down too and spanks her good and hard on her poor bare ass. Is it part of the punishment that he pulls her top up so he can caress and grope her breasts while he spanks her? (more…)

Keisha Grey Spreadeagle Sex

From a 4-part Custom Video featuring Keisha Grey: knocked out with a syringe, stripped, taken to a ‘hospital’ where her ‘doctor’ slices away her gown and threatens her with all kinds of torments unless she agrees to let him fuck her. Keisha is defiant as she is tied spreadeagle to a bed, totally naked and defenseless, but eventually exhausted from her struggles she lets him have his evil way with her sweet sexy body. Unfortunately the ‘doctor’ is also a lying bastard and instead of letting her go he chloroforms her and leaves her unconscious and helpless so he can enjoy her again later…


Charlotte Cross Abducted

Okay this one’s creepy, even to me. Thanks to awesome acting jobs by both Charlotte Cross and Cupcake SinClair… Our little story begins with Charlotte asleep on her bed, barefoot and just in a little pink nighty. A masked Villain enters and soaks a rag in chloroform. He trails his fingers up her leg and just as she awakens presses the cloth to her face. (more…)

Christina Carter in Spanking Bliss

A Villain isn’t always evil. Sometimes, he’s just an expert hand for a willing ass in need of a good hard spanking. Christina Carter, whose ass is as legendary as the rest of her, wanted one. Who am I to say no? She came to me in a lovely white satin slip, smiled and purred as I caressed and petted her breasts and thighs, then we settled down for a sensual spanking first over the slip then on her bare ass, then with a thick leather strap. Christina got so worked up she climaxed in spanking bliss in an OH MY GOD so sexy way. On a related note, I wrote, performed and produced the music in the background and I sure do hope you like it too.


Tia Cyrus Suspension

Tia Cyrus said she’d never done a full-on suspension before soooooo…. We did one. Enjoy her adorable giggly banter as I do the rigging, stare in amazement at her perfect body as the ropes wrap snugly around her, then watch as she goes flying into the air, hanging there and squirming and swaying like a perfect bondage playpet. Then of course yours truly comes in with a Hitachi and teaches her what suspension bondage is all about… heh heh heh…


Janira Wolfe Whipped

Janira and I had some spare time but no cameraman so we set up a tripod and had a little play session. She knelt patiently and waited for me till I arrived. I tied her hands overhead and fondled her while she purred. Then I cropped her fine ass with a riding crop and whipped her breasts and ass with a flogger. Next I ripped her pretty satin slip to shreds so I could whip her amazing bare body. Finally I rewarded her with a Hitachi. Watch her knees buckle when she cried out in bound orgasm bliss, then let yourself wonder what happened next when I led her away off camera…


Lauren Phillips Spreadeagled

Yet another Custom Video, this one featuring the AMAZING Lauren Phillips as a snobby snotty Jersey girl. Her father’s connected and a mean cop has brought her in for questioning. It’s a battle of wills as she struggles, totally naked and spread-eagled to a bed. The cop pours oil on her pussy, splashes water in her mouth, and eventually chloroforms her so he can transport her to a tougher cell for more questioning…


Cupcake Brutalized

Bad slaves are sent to a special place, to be punished and re-trained by a cruel Master. Poor Cupcake kneels waiting for her punishment to begin. It will include vicious floggings, spankings, paddlings, single-tail whippings, spitting into her open mouth, and hours spent on her knees sucking cock and begging for forgiveness. Will it ever be enough? You be the judge…


Christina Carter in “Teacher’s Bound Orgasm”

FINALLY I get Christina on my site! For our first collaboration she plays a teacher who just gave a flunking grade to the wrong student. His older brother (me) soaks a rag with chloroform and attacks her in her classroom. She struggles and screams, giving us some amazing upskirt legshots, but finally passes out in my arms. Soon she is in just her red silk negligee, bound spread eagle to her desk and gagged with duct tape. She awakens and struggles, mmmfffing into her gag, but nobody can hear her. Finally I return and shred her clothes, leaving her only in panties. I taunt and tease, then hold a hitachi to her pussy until she is forced to climax for me, screaming into her gag as her body thrashes in her rope bonds. She WILL give my brother a passing grade or I will publish this video all over the internet! Oh.. uhh.. oops, kinda too late, huh? Sorry bro!


Janira Wolfe Abducted

Sexy stripper Janira’s pissed. The Club owner left her alone and she has to clean the whole place by herself. Little does she know a Villain has come to rob the place, and he has to keep her quiet first! He soaks a rag with chloroform, sneaks up behind her and just as she turns he holds it to her face for an awesome POV knockout. She struggles and moans but soon she is on the floor. He feels her up for a minute then carries her limp body away… Janira awakens bound and gagged in a closet. She tries to scream but can only mmmfff as she writhes and wriggles. Eventually the Villain returns and slashes her sexy satin slip to bits while she sobs in terror. Then he leaves her there while he makes his escape. Poor Janira tries and tries to get free but eventually she wears herself out and just leans against a wall and cries. Will anybody come rescue her? Or should we keep her in there forever? Mwahahahaaa…


Tia Cyrus Trained

Yet another awesome Custom Video featuring the amazing Tia Cyrus: Master is never satisfied with slave Tia’s performance and he keeps adding punishments and training to her miserable life. She begs and pleads and does her best, worshipping his feet, his balls, his cock, taking cruel harsh beatings and brutal doggy style fuckings, and seemingly endless loads of Master’s cum down her throat, but will it ever be enough? Let’s hope not, as long as we get to watch!


Cupcake SinClair in Street Abduction

Cupcake SinClair in Street Abduction – Adorable little Cupcake is done with work and the last to leave. As she walks down the sidewalk to the garage a man comes up behind her and snatches her up. He holds a knife to her neck then slaps some duct tape over her mouth. Cupcake whimpers in terror as the man ties her wrists then yanks down her blouse and bra to expose her breasts. Then he forces her down to the ground and ties her knees and ankles. Powerless to stop him, Cupcake watches in horror as he rifles through her purse then decides to steal it all and leave her there for someone to find. Now be honest, what would YOU do with her if you found her like that?


Lauren Phillips Bondage Orgasm

New porn crush: Lauren Phillips is amazing. She’s got a perfect body, incredibly fun-loving but wicked smile, and is a total delight to work with. Here she is tied up, making the most adorable cum-fuck-me bedroom eyes at the camera before I come in with a Hitachi to give her a few screaming orgasms while she’s tied up. She WANTS you. Watch every second of this clip and you’ll agree she’s fucking AMAZING and I can’t wait to work with her again!
Bonus Behind Scenes footage of Lauren Phillips getting tied up and ready for her bondage orgasm scene. If you love on screen rigging, gorgeous curvy redheads, and satin lingerie then this one’s for you!


Jessica Jaymes in “Master’s Rage”

Four part series from a Custom Video: The continuing story of Slave Jessica Jaymes’s training at the hands of her cruel Master. Today Jessica fails him by letting her teeth touch his cock. Master’s Rage is swift and brutal, including multiple whippings, hard forced fucking, humiliation, multiple blowjobs, enough brutality to break absolutely any slave. Will poor Jessica survive this lesson? Watch and see…


Cupcake in “Boot Worship”

The best part of working with Cupcake is every scene we do is pretty much a playdate that we happened to film. In this POV clip Cupcake indulges in one of her favorite ways to show her devotion. She slovly, lovingly licks and kisses the smooth dark leather of my boots, then removes them and just as slowly and lovingly worships her Master’s feet. Those same feet do a good job of sliding her silky lingerie to the side and groping and caressing her bared breasts. Cupcake stares lovingly up at the camera the whole time, showing you just how much she loves being your little toy and devoted footslave. This was an excellent consensual D/s scene and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed shooting it.


Gag Reel 04

Yet another star-studded compilation of goof ups, fumbled lines, behind-scenes antics, and various hilarious out-takes from the set of ProVillain Productions. This gag-reel features the amazing bodies and adorable giggles of Brooke Haven, Caroline Pierce, Chanel Preston, Cupcake Sinclair, Star Nine, Darla Crane, Heather Vahn, Jessica Jaymes, Holly West, Kiki D’Aire, Marie McCray, Nicki Hunter and Tia Cyrus. And of course me, being a total goofball. One can’t be a dark sinister Villain ALL the time!


Cupcake in Kitchen K.O.

Lovely Cupcake is in her vintage lingerie, preparing for a romantic evening. While she cleans up in the kitchen her boyfriend’s creepy friend Tim walks right in on her. Cupcake is so embarrassed that she doesn’t even notice when he slips a few drops of something in her drink. He promises her he’ll go wait outside and unsuspecting, Cupcake takes a long swallow of her wine. Within moments she is on the floor and Tim is all over her, groping, stripping, pawing at her helpless body. (more…)

20 Years of Villains Life

April 2016 marked my 20th anniversary in Porn! Here’s a compilation of highlights from my glorious career so far. I created this and played it at my Villains’ Ball party in Los Angeles and everybody loved it so much that I thought I’d release it here too. There are too many megastars to name them all. How many can you recognize?


Sinn Sage Spanked

When Sinn needs a good hard sensual spanking she knows just who to ask. She comes to Tim, dressed in a lovely little satin cami and shorts, just begging to be given a good spanking. Tim takes her in his arms and gives her what she needs. Listen to her moan as he spanks her, first over her satin bottoms then pulling them down to reveal her perfect curvy ass. He rakes his trademark sharp pointy nails down her reddened sensitive skin and her whole body shudders with delight. Fast and hard, slow and sensual, this was a damn sexy scene if I do say so myself, and a true honor to get to work with a fetish superstar like Sinn!


Cupcake Caught in the Boys’ Room

Cute little cheerleader Cupcake keeps ditching practice but you found out why. You sneak up on her in the boys’ room where she’s moaning softly and touching herself at the thought of all those boys. You catch her by surprise and she’s at your mercy. A little threat, a little blackmail, and you can force her to strip for you, (more…)

Danica Dillon Spreadeagle

From a Custom Video featuring gorgeous and amazingly feisty Danica Dillon – her boss thinks she’s acting out too much and sends her to the “quiet room” where she’s forcibly stripped (I actually had to rip her panties she was struggling so hard!), tied down, left to struggle, has water splashed on her face, oil drizzled onto her naked pussy, and finally chloroformed. WOW what a beautiful woman, great actress, and SEXY BODY! Hope you enjoy.


Sinn Sage Abducted

Beautiful Sinn Sage, wearing only a purple silky slip, steps up to the bathroom mirror to preen. Little does she know there’s a Villain behind her, silently soaking chloroform into a rag. In a flash he’s on her, holding her tight from behind, muffling her screams into the wet rag. Sinn tries to struggle, flailing limbs, rolling eyes, but the drug takes hold and she slowly goes limp in his arms. The Villain fondles her breasts through the satin for a moment then scoops her up and carries her off to his dungeon… (more…)

Tia Cyrus in “Caged”

From a 4-part Custom Video: Tia Cyrus kneels in her cage. She was once a free and powerful woman, now she is only property of her cruel Master. She waits for him on her knees, spreader bar keeping her ankles spread, ballgag muffling her whimpers, blindfold keeping her unaware until she hears his boots approaching her.


Cupcake and Star in “Creepy Bondage”

A dark abandoned warehouse… Two beautiful carefree giggling girls play would-be detectives. You creep up behind them, perving on their long lovely bare legs while they snoop around. You reach out, almost touching them, enjoying the slow stalking predatory chase. Finally you STRIKE, hand around a throat, the innocent girls suddenly terrified…

Danica Dillon Straitjacket Fun

Gorgeous Danica Dillon’s long lovely bare legs and feet, tight white canvas straitjacket, her beautiful face adorned with a bright red ballgag, what else is there to say?


Behind the Scenes with Sinn Sage

For those who like to watch the rigging, here’s some Behind Scenes footage we got of Tim Woodman tying the wonderful Sinn Sage up for a scene. Listen to them goof around and laugh together, or admire Tim’s rope work, or just ogle Sinn’s amazing bare ass and perfect natural breasts as the ropes wind around her naked body. Light-hearted and fun, this one’s for the consensual bondage fans. You can find the scene they shot after this at Sinn’s site: to see her super intense squirting bondage-orgasm!


Cupcake and Star in “Vampire’s Treat”

Star thinks her date with Tim is going great, until he suggests he wants her to meet someone special. Just as she’s starting to squirm uncomfortably he leans in, and with a wave of his fingers catches her under his spell. The Master Vampire has snared another helpless mortal. He casually undoes her top and fondles her breasts while she sits helpless and compliant under his hypnotic power. He wants her for himself but she is to be a gift to his immortal mate. (more…)

Tia Cyrus Bondage Orgasm

Just a little sensual consensual bondage play for you all featuring the amazingly lovely Tia Cyrus: Watch her squirm and writhe, bound hand and foot, duct tape gag over her mouth, eyes pleading you to come rescue her… or do whatever you want with her. Watch as her Master enters, rewarding her for being a patient, good girl. (more…)

Jessica Jaymes Broken

From a Custom Video: This is the 5th time I’ve worked with Jessica Jaymes and I swear to GOD she just keeps getting better. She’s sexier than ever, and works even harder to give a truly depraved over the top performance as a well-trained sex-slave. She licks my feet with total abandon, buries her face in my ass on command, lavishes my cock and balls with amazing skill and desperation, moans and cries in agony as I ravish her over and over from behind, swallows load after load of cum, and thanks her Master for every single degrading horror that gets heaped upon her. Over 90 minutes of super intense BDSM action with a true legend of erotica, this is Jessica Jaymes at her sexy slutty submissive BEST!


Chanel Preston Chloroformed

Lovely Chanel Preston is washing up in the kitchen, looking oh so fetching in her tight jeans and sheer top. Little does she know a masked man is just behind her, soaking a cloth with a dangerous chemical. She turns in a panic, her screams abruptly muffled by the wet rag. She struggles madly but the drug slowly weakens her. Finally she slumps to the ground, held in the arms of her abductor. He caresses her breast as she lies unconscious, then takes out a knife and destroys her blouse and bra. He unzips her tight jeans and slides his leather-gloved hands inside… (more…)

Cupcake and Star “Sleepover”

In this POV clip we see Cupcake and Star in sexy lingerie, snuggled up and sleeping in the same bed. We creep up on them, gazing upon every exposed inch of their sexy bodies, before we raise a gloved hand and cover Cupcake’s mouth. She squirms and struggles, waking Star, so we command her to be silent too. Both girls are making too much noise now but we have our ways, don’t we? (more…)

Chanel Preston Pleasure and Pain

Chanel Preston kneels in her leather slave straps, in perfect Present Position. Her Master comes in and is pleased. He decides she deserves a reward. Chanel’s favorite reward is a thick heavy flogger across her ass. He adds a few hard spanks and a caressing grope of that perfect tight flesh, then turns her around so he can flog her amazing breasts. (more…)

Stacy Burke Ravished

From a Custom Video: Remastered re-released footage of the lovely legendary Stacy Burke!

In part 1 we see Stacy in sheer lingerie going to bed. She snuggles into the sheets and falls into a fitful dream. In her dream she is in a sexy black dress, getting ready to go out when the Ravisher sneaks up behind her, putting a chloroform-soaked rag to her mouth and ending her plans. (more…)

Cupcake and Star Whipped

Just a lovely little clip of two perfect bottoms in consensual BDSM play. Cupcake loves to wear her Vampire Cuffs with the spikes on the inside. Star loves pretty much everything. I have them tied to a wall, slowly stripped, then well, EVERYTHING. Whips, paddles, floggers, singletails, barehand spanking, nipple-pulling, oh and a little of them kissing too cuz who doesn’t love to see THAT…


Jessica Jaymes Humiliated

From a 4-part Custom Video: The continuing story of Jessica Jaymes, once powerful District Attorney, now the kept property of her evil Master whom she once sent to prison. His twisted revenge has been long and brutal. This installment sees Jessica subjected to what seems to be hours of bondage blowjobs, worshipping her Master’s bare feet, taking severe singletail beatings, brutal doggystyle fucking, licking stale cum from a bowl, being his piss slave… it just gets worse and worse. Or for us, better and better!


Chanel Preston Suspension

Superstar Chanel Preston plays a superheroine, albeit an unfortunate one. She is bound in a tight hogtie and suspended mid-air. A ballgag keeps her pretty lips from calling for help. She can barely even move, let alone struggle. After a few minutes of listening to her moan, her archenemy the Villain comes in, taunting her and teasing her. He laughs at her distress as he paws her helpless body, pulling her breasts out and tweaking her nipples, then sets the timer on a pile of explosives and makes a hasty retreat. Will SuperChanel escape her peril? Will she survive this horrible danger and seek justice? Will she just drool helplessly until she’s blown to teeny tiny sexy bits? Watch and see! (more…)

Karlee Grey Spreadeagle

From a Custom Video: Karlee Grey is naked and strapped into a white posey straitjacket. A chain connects her collar to the metal bedframe. She lies struggling against the jacket, until an Orderly comes in. Karlee sits up and wants to know what the hell is going on and she demands to be let go. The Orderly says that she’s been identified as a breast milk donor and that she will be here for several days to do that as part of a government program. (more…)