Lily Lane and the Attic Monster

Lily Lane must have heard a noise or something. So, naturally, she went upstairs to investigate. In a red satin slip and white satin bathrobe. Because duh. She looks into a dark corner, but it seems the monster was hiding in the other dark corner. He creeps up behind her with a rag full of evil liquid in hand… All of a sudden he grabs her. She tries to scream but the rag covers her mouth and after a few moments of struggling she goes limp.

Lauren Phillips Fuckdoll

Lauren Phillips is one spectacularly sexy woman. She has curves in all the right places, a dazzling devious fun loving smile, killer moves, sparkling eyes, a filthy mouth, EVERYTHING a Villain could want. So when she auditions to be a stripper at his bar, Tim gives her a very thorough vetting…


Riley Reyes Abducted

The very first time I worked with Riley Reyes! She dressed in a lovely silk robe and gown, I snuck up on her with my trusty chloroform. She tried to scream, I held her tight till she collapsed. I fondled her unconscious luscious body, then lifted and carried her away… Soon she found herself tied to an X-cross, duct tape gag over her mouth. I came in, ripped her dress to tatters, and started in on her with a flogger then a singletail. She moaned and writhed, I enjoyed myself immensely. Finally I chloroformed her again and she hung limply by her wrists as you came closer to get a good look and maybe a little taste for yourself…


Tia Cyrus and the Training Hood

Yet another custom video from one of my awesome benefactors: Tia Cyrus’s continuing story of sexual slavery, complete with chains, bondage, brutal whippings, harsh beatings, foot worship, forced blowjobs, ball licking, rough hard bondage sex, a MASSIVE cumshot across the tits… all the things you’ve come to LOVE plus a great new leather hood with hold for pony tails! I mean a Villain’s gotta grab onto SOMETHING when he’s riding hard, right???


Kat Dior Double Crossed

I saved up my Villainous profits just so I could work with this girl. This is NOT a custom video, this is purely a PRO VILLAIN PRODUCTION!

In this little story Kat Dior plays a trophy wife who’s had enough of her rich husband. She contracts a specialist to make him disappear. She figures a little flirting and a big payment and he’ll do whatever she wants. Unfortunately for Kat, her husband got to this Villain first and gave him a better assignment. A quick jab in the neck with a stun gun and she’s out like a light. (more…)

Janira Wolfe Zapped

Lovely Janira Wolfe sits in her bedroom fixing up her pretty toenails. A masked intruder sneaks up on her from behind, chloroformed rag in hand. There is a brief struggle, during which Janira’s dazzlingly gorgeous legs kick and flail beautifully, then she is out like a light. Our intruder gropes and fondles her unconscious body (because DUH!) and soon enough she is tied up. (more…)

Cupcake and Star’s Bondage Fantasy

I swear sometimes this stuff just writes itself. Adorable Cupcake SinClair and Beautiful Star Nine in sexy satin slips on a bed. They cuddle, they pet, they caress, then Star grabs some rope. Soon Cupcake is tied up and at the mercy of Star’s tickling fingertips and grazing nibbling teeth. This lasts only about forever before wouldn’t you know it Star’s tied up too and they’re both looking at YOU! Well, what are you waiting for? They obviously want you to join in their fun…


Lily Lane in Biker’s Bait

Sexy Lily Lane in her cutoff jean shorts and tank top, leather vest and boots, is bound to a chair, cleave gag between her teeth. As Tim finishes the bindings, he explains he’s holding her for ransom. The price: her boyfriend’s biker gang. He wants all their money and sworn loyalty. (more…)

Charlotte Cross Spanking

Charlotte has been bad. We don’t honestly know what she did, or why Tim is so angry with her, but he’s taking her out to the shed. She is whining and resisting, but he starts spanking her right over her skirt. She grows docile, bent over and unable to do much about it besides take the beating. Tim eventually lifts her skirt and slaps his hand down across her pink panties, slowly turning her cheeks the same color as her panties. Finally he pulls those down too and spanks her good and hard on her poor bare ass. Is it part of the punishment that he pulls her top up so he can caress and grope her breasts while he spanks her? (more…)

Keisha Grey Spreadeagle Sex

From a 4-part Custom Video featuring Keisha Grey: knocked out with a syringe, stripped, taken to a ‘hospital’ where her ‘doctor’ slices away her gown and threatens her with all kinds of torments unless she agrees to let him fuck her. Keisha is defiant as she is tied spreadeagle to a bed, totally naked and defenseless, but eventually exhausted from her struggles she lets him have his evil way with her sweet sexy body. Unfortunately the ‘doctor’ is also a lying bastard and instead of letting her go he chloroforms her and leaves her unconscious and helpless so he can enjoy her again later…


Charlotte Cross Abducted

Okay this one’s creepy, even to me. Thanks to awesome acting jobs by both Charlotte Cross and Cupcake SinClair… Our little story begins with Charlotte asleep on her bed, barefoot and just in a little pink nighty. A masked Villain enters and soaks a rag in chloroform. He trails his fingers up her leg and just as she awakens presses the cloth to her face. (more…)

Christina Carter in Spanking Bliss

A Villain isn’t always evil. Sometimes, he’s just an expert hand for a willing ass in need of a good hard spanking. Christina Carter, whose ass is as legendary as the rest of her, wanted one. Who am I to say no? She came to me in a lovely white satin slip, smiled and purred as I caressed and petted her breasts and thighs, then we settled down for a sensual spanking first over the slip then on her bare ass, then with a thick leather strap. Christina got so worked up she climaxed in spanking bliss in an OH MY GOD so sexy way. On a related note, I wrote, performed and produced the music in the background and I sure do hope you like it too.


Tia Cyrus Suspension

Tia Cyrus said she’d never done a full-on suspension before soooooo…. We did one. Enjoy her adorable giggly banter as I do the rigging, stare in amazement at her perfect body as the ropes wrap snugly around her, then watch as she goes flying into the air, hanging there and squirming and swaying like a perfect bondage playpet. Then of course yours truly comes in with a Hitachi and teaches her what suspension bondage is all about… heh heh heh…


Janira Wolfe Whipped

Janira and I had some spare time but no cameraman so we set up a tripod and had a little play session. She knelt patiently and waited for me till I arrived. I tied her hands overhead and fondled her while she purred. Then I cropped her fine ass with a riding crop and whipped her breasts and ass with a flogger. Next I ripped her pretty satin slip to shreds so I could whip her amazing bare body. Finally I rewarded her with a Hitachi. Watch her knees buckle when she cried out in bound orgasm bliss, then let yourself wonder what happened next when I led her away off camera…


Lauren Phillips Spreadeagled

Yet another Custom Video, this one featuring the AMAZING Lauren Phillips as a snobby snotty Jersey girl. Her father’s connected and a mean cop has brought her in for questioning. It’s a battle of wills as she struggles, totally naked and spread-eagled to a bed. The cop pours oil on her pussy, splashes water in her mouth, and eventually chloroforms her so he can transport her to a tougher cell for more questioning…


Cupcake Brutalized

Bad slaves are sent to a special place, to be punished and re-trained by a cruel Master. Poor Cupcake kneels waiting for her punishment to begin. It will include vicious floggings, spankings, paddlings, single-tail whippings, spitting into her open mouth, and hours spent on her knees sucking cock and begging for forgiveness. Will it ever be enough? You be the judge…


Christina Carter in “Teacher’s Bound Orgasm”

FINALLY I get Christina on my site! For our first collaboration she plays a teacher who just gave a flunking grade to the wrong student. His older brother (me) soaks a rag with chloroform and attacks her in her classroom. She struggles and screams, giving us some amazing upskirt legshots, but finally passes out in my arms. Soon she is in just her red silk negligee, bound spread eagle to her desk and gagged with duct tape. She awakens and struggles, mmmfffing into her gag, but nobody can hear her. Finally I return and shred her clothes, leaving her only in panties. I taunt and tease, then hold a hitachi to her pussy until she is forced to climax for me, screaming into her gag as her body thrashes in her rope bonds. She WILL give my brother a passing grade or I will publish this video all over the internet! Oh.. uhh.. oops, kinda too late, huh? Sorry bro!


Janira Wolfe Abducted

Sexy stripper Janira’s pissed. The Club owner left her alone and she has to clean the whole place by herself. Little does she know a Villain has come to rob the place, and he has to keep her quiet first! He soaks a rag with chloroform, sneaks up behind her and just as she turns he holds it to her face for an awesome POV knockout. She struggles and moans but soon she is on the floor. He feels her up for a minute then carries her limp body away… Janira awakens bound and gagged in a closet. She tries to scream but can only mmmfff as she writhes and wriggles. Eventually the Villain returns and slashes her sexy satin slip to bits while she sobs in terror. Then he leaves her there while he makes his escape. Poor Janira tries and tries to get free but eventually she wears herself out and just leans against a wall and cries. Will anybody come rescue her? Or should we keep her in there forever? Mwahahahaaa…


Tia Cyrus Trained

Yet another awesome Custom Video featuring the amazing Tia Cyrus: Master is never satisfied with slave Tia’s performance and he keeps adding punishments and training to her miserable life. She begs and pleads and does her best, worshipping his feet, his balls, his cock, taking cruel harsh beatings and brutal doggy style fuckings, and seemingly endless loads of Master’s cum down her throat, but will it ever be enough? Let’s hope not, as long as we get to watch!


Cupcake SinClair in Street Abduction

Cupcake SinClair in Street Abduction – Adorable little Cupcake is done with work and the last to leave. As she walks down the sidewalk to the garage a man comes up behind her and snatches her up. He holds a knife to her neck then slaps some duct tape over her mouth. Cupcake whimpers in terror as the man ties her wrists then yanks down her blouse and bra to expose her breasts. Then he forces her down to the ground and ties her knees and ankles. Powerless to stop him, Cupcake watches in horror as he rifles through her purse then decides to steal it all and leave her there for someone to find. Now be honest, what would YOU do with her if you found her like that?


Lauren Phillips Bondage Orgasm

New porn crush: Lauren Phillips is amazing. She’s got a perfect body, incredibly fun-loving but wicked smile, and is a total delight to work with. Here she is tied up, making the most adorable cum-fuck-me bedroom eyes at the camera before I come in with a Hitachi to give her a few screaming orgasms while she’s tied up. She WANTS you. Watch every second of this clip and you’ll agree she’s fucking AMAZING and I can’t wait to work with her again!
Bonus Behind Scenes footage of Lauren Phillips getting tied up and ready for her bondage orgasm scene. If you love on screen rigging, gorgeous curvy redheads, and satin lingerie then this one’s for you!


Jessica Jaymes in “Master’s Rage”

Four part series from a Custom Video: The continuing story of Slave Jessica Jaymes’s training at the hands of her cruel Master. Today Jessica fails him by letting her teeth touch his cock. Master’s Rage is swift and brutal, including multiple whippings, hard forced fucking, humiliation, multiple blowjobs, enough brutality to break absolutely any slave. Will poor Jessica survive this lesson? Watch and see…


Cupcake in “Boot Worship”

The best part of working with Cupcake is every scene we do is pretty much a playdate that we happened to film. In this POV clip Cupcake indulges in one of her favorite ways to show her devotion. She slovly, lovingly licks and kisses the smooth dark leather of my boots, then removes them and just as slowly and lovingly worships her Master’s feet. Those same feet do a good job of sliding her silky lingerie to the side and groping and caressing her bared breasts. Cupcake stares lovingly up at the camera the whole time, showing you just how much she loves being your little toy and devoted footslave. This was an excellent consensual D/s scene and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed shooting it.


Gag Reel 04

Yet another star-studded compilation of goof ups, fumbled lines, behind-scenes antics, and various hilarious out-takes from the set of ProVillain Productions. This gag-reel features the amazing bodies and adorable giggles of Brooke Haven, Caroline Pierce, Chanel Preston, Cupcake Sinclair, Star Nine, Darla Crane, Heather Vahn, Jessica Jaymes, Holly West, Kiki D’Aire, Marie McCray, Nicki Hunter and Tia Cyrus. And of course me, being a total goofball. One can’t be a dark sinister Villain ALL the time!


Cupcake in Kitchen K.O.

Lovely Cupcake is in her vintage lingerie, preparing for a romantic evening. While she cleans up in the kitchen her boyfriend’s creepy friend Tim walks right in on her. Cupcake is so embarrassed that she doesn’t even notice when he slips a few drops of something in her drink. He promises her he’ll go wait outside and unsuspecting, Cupcake takes a long swallow of her wine. Within moments she is on the floor and Tim is all over her, groping, stripping, pawing at her helpless body. (more…)

20 Years of Villains Life

April 2016 marked my 20th anniversary in Porn! Here’s a compilation of highlights from my glorious career so far. I created this and played it at my Villains’ Ball party in Los Angeles and everybody loved it so much that I thought I’d release it here too. There are too many megastars to name them all. How many can you recognize?


Sinn Sage Spanked

When Sinn needs a good hard sensual spanking she knows just who to ask. She comes to Tim, dressed in a lovely little satin cami and shorts, just begging to be given a good spanking. Tim takes her in his arms and gives her what she needs. Listen to her moan as he spanks her, first over her satin bottoms then pulling them down to reveal her perfect curvy ass. He rakes his trademark sharp pointy nails down her reddened sensitive skin and her whole body shudders with delight. Fast and hard, slow and sensual, this was a damn sexy scene if I do say so myself, and a true honor to get to work with a fetish superstar like Sinn!


Cupcake Caught in the Boys’ Room

Cute little cheerleader Cupcake keeps ditching practice but you found out why. You sneak up on her in the boys’ room where she’s moaning softly and touching herself at the thought of all those boys. You catch her by surprise and she’s at your mercy. A little threat, a little blackmail, and you can force her to strip for you, (more…)

Danica Dillon Spreadeagle

From a Custom Video featuring gorgeous and amazingly feisty Danica Dillon – her boss thinks she’s acting out too much and sends her to the “quiet room” where she’s forcibly stripped (I actually had to rip her panties she was struggling so hard!), tied down, left to struggle, has water splashed on her face, oil drizzled onto her naked pussy, and finally chloroformed. WOW what a beautiful woman, great actress, and SEXY BODY! Hope you enjoy.


Sinn Sage Abducted

Beautiful Sinn Sage, wearing only a purple silky slip, steps up to the bathroom mirror to preen. Little does she know there’s a Villain behind her, silently soaking chloroform into a rag. In a flash he’s on her, holding her tight from behind, muffling her screams into the wet rag. Sinn tries to struggle, flailing limbs, rolling eyes, but the drug takes hold and she slowly goes limp in his arms. The Villain fondles her breasts through the satin for a moment then scoops her up and carries her off to his dungeon… (more…)

Tia Cyrus in “Caged”

From a 4-part Custom Video: Tia Cyrus kneels in her cage. She was once a free and powerful woman, now she is only property of her cruel Master. She waits for him on her knees, spreader bar keeping her ankles spread, ballgag muffling her whimpers, blindfold keeping her unaware until she hears his boots approaching her.


Cupcake and Star in “Creepy Bondage”

A dark abandoned warehouse… Two beautiful carefree giggling girls play would-be detectives. You creep up behind them, perving on their long lovely bare legs while they snoop around. You reach out, almost touching them, enjoying the slow stalking predatory chase. Finally you STRIKE, hand around a throat, the innocent girls suddenly terrified…

Danica Dillon Straitjacket Fun

Gorgeous Danica Dillon’s long lovely bare legs and feet, tight white canvas straitjacket, her beautiful face adorned with a bright red ballgag, what else is there to say?


Behind the Scenes with Sinn Sage

For those who like to watch the rigging, here’s some Behind Scenes footage we got of Tim Woodman tying the wonderful Sinn Sage up for a scene. Listen to them goof around and laugh together, or admire Tim’s rope work, or just ogle Sinn’s amazing bare ass and perfect natural breasts as the ropes wind around her naked body. Light-hearted and fun, this one’s for the consensual bondage fans. You can find the scene they shot after this at Sinn’s site: to see her super intense squirting bondage-orgasm!


Cupcake and Star in “Vampire’s Treat”

Star thinks her date with Tim is going great, until he suggests he wants her to meet someone special. Just as she’s starting to squirm uncomfortably he leans in, and with a wave of his fingers catches her under his spell. The Master Vampire has snared another helpless mortal. He casually undoes her top and fondles her breasts while she sits helpless and compliant under his hypnotic power. He wants her for himself but she is to be a gift to his immortal mate. (more…)

Tia Cyrus Bondage Orgasm

Just a little sensual consensual bondage play for you all featuring the amazingly lovely Tia Cyrus: Watch her squirm and writhe, bound hand and foot, duct tape gag over her mouth, eyes pleading you to come rescue her… or do whatever you want with her. Watch as her Master enters, rewarding her for being a patient, good girl. (more…)

Jessica Jaymes Broken

From a Custom Video: This is the 5th time I’ve worked with Jessica Jaymes and I swear to GOD she just keeps getting better. She’s sexier than ever, and works even harder to give a truly depraved over the top performance as a well-trained sex-slave. She licks my feet with total abandon, buries her face in my ass on command, lavishes my cock and balls with amazing skill and desperation, moans and cries in agony as I ravish her over and over from behind, swallows load after load of cum, and thanks her Master for every single degrading horror that gets heaped upon her. Over 90 minutes of super intense BDSM action with a true legend of erotica, this is Jessica Jaymes at her sexy slutty submissive BEST!


Chanel Preston Chloroformed

Lovely Chanel Preston is washing up in the kitchen, looking oh so fetching in her tight jeans and sheer top. Little does she know a masked man is just behind her, soaking a cloth with a dangerous chemical. She turns in a panic, her screams abruptly muffled by the wet rag. She struggles madly but the drug slowly weakens her. Finally she slumps to the ground, held in the arms of her abductor. He caresses her breast as she lies unconscious, then takes out a knife and destroys her blouse and bra. He unzips her tight jeans and slides his leather-gloved hands inside… (more…)

Cupcake and Star “Sleepover”

In this POV clip we see Cupcake and Star in sexy lingerie, snuggled up and sleeping in the same bed. We creep up on them, gazing upon every exposed inch of their sexy bodies, before we raise a gloved hand and cover Cupcake’s mouth. She squirms and struggles, waking Star, so we command her to be silent too. Both girls are making too much noise now but we have our ways, don’t we? (more…)

Chanel Preston Pleasure and Pain

Chanel Preston kneels in her leather slave straps, in perfect Present Position. Her Master comes in and is pleased. He decides she deserves a reward. Chanel’s favorite reward is a thick heavy flogger across her ass. He adds a few hard spanks and a caressing grope of that perfect tight flesh, then turns her around so he can flog her amazing breasts. (more…)

Stacy Burke Ravished

From a Custom Video: Remastered re-released footage of the lovely legendary Stacy Burke!

In part 1 we see Stacy in sheer lingerie going to bed. She snuggles into the sheets and falls into a fitful dream. In her dream she is in a sexy black dress, getting ready to go out when the Ravisher sneaks up behind her, putting a chloroform-soaked rag to her mouth and ending her plans. (more…)

Cupcake and Star Whipped

Just a lovely little clip of two perfect bottoms in consensual BDSM play. Cupcake loves to wear her Vampire Cuffs with the spikes on the inside. Star loves pretty much everything. I have them tied to a wall, slowly stripped, then well, EVERYTHING. Whips, paddles, floggers, singletails, barehand spanking, nipple-pulling, oh and a little of them kissing too cuz who doesn’t love to see THAT…


Jessica Jaymes Humiliated

From a 4-part Custom Video: The continuing story of Jessica Jaymes, once powerful District Attorney, now the kept property of her evil Master whom she once sent to prison. His twisted revenge has been long and brutal. This installment sees Jessica subjected to what seems to be hours of bondage blowjobs, worshipping her Master’s bare feet, taking severe singletail beatings, brutal doggystyle fucking, licking stale cum from a bowl, being his piss slave… it just gets worse and worse. Or for us, better and better!


Chanel Preston Suspension

Superstar Chanel Preston plays a superheroine, albeit an unfortunate one. She is bound in a tight hogtie and suspended mid-air. A ballgag keeps her pretty lips from calling for help. She can barely even move, let alone struggle. After a few minutes of listening to her moan, her archenemy the Villain comes in, taunting her and teasing her. He laughs at her distress as he paws her helpless body, pulling her breasts out and tweaking her nipples, then sets the timer on a pile of explosives and makes a hasty retreat. Will SuperChanel escape her peril? Will she survive this horrible danger and seek justice? Will she just drool helplessly until she’s blown to teeny tiny sexy bits? Watch and see! (more…)

Karlee Grey Spreadeagle

From a Custom Video: Karlee Grey is naked and strapped into a white posey straitjacket. A chain connects her collar to the metal bedframe. She lies struggling against the jacket, until an Orderly comes in. Karlee sits up and wants to know what the hell is going on and she demands to be let go. The Orderly says that she’s been identified as a breast milk donor and that she will be here for several days to do that as part of a government program. (more…)

Cupcake and Star Double Bound

The three of us have been working together a lot lately, which is well, fucking awesome. Cupcake and Star are both truly professional excellent fetish models and any chance I get to tie them up together, you know I’m gonna. Here’s a perfect example: We had some spare time, they had some spare lingerie, I had some spare rope… You’re welcome!


Chanel Preston Raped

Gorgeous Chanel Preston is hosting a dinner party. She steps away for only a moment, into the restroom to freshen up. Her long lovely legs in their stockings are just right, her shiny black heels are perfect. A little black dress clings to her amazing body in all the right places. She primps her hair in the mirror, unaware of the man who has slipped into the restroom with her.


Jessica Jaymes Totally Fucked

From a Custom Video: The torments of Jessica Jaymes, once a powerful district attorney, now broken sex slave, continue. She kneels, hands cuffed behind her to her ever-present collar, leash held patiently between her teeth, waiting for her Master. He enters and removes the leash from her mouth and says “You have 20 minutes to make your Master cum twice with your mouth.” He shoves her face down and makes her beg for it, first licking and sucking his balls before being allowed to touch his cock. Finally she is allowed to suck him, and goes to work like her life depends on it. Jessica has become a perfect fuckslave, and swallows every drop of her Master’s cum, washing it down with his piss. Will she be able to do it again, or will she have to face an even worse punishment?


Cupcake and Star Forced to Cum

Lovely little Cupcake and Sexy Star are sitting in their satin slips, making out on a sofa. Star’s husband is out of town and she wants a little downlow lesbian fun. Too bad her husband hired a ruthless mercenary to catch her fooling around. The girls gasp in terror when you appear, pointing your gun in their faces. (more…)

Chanel Preston’s Nightmare

Chanel Preston sits alone and bored at her desk at school. Soon she drifts off to a fitful sleep, murmuring a familiar rhyme under her breath. “One, two, Freddy’s comin’ for you…” What follows may be dream or may be real, it’s hard to tell. Chanel in a long white dress in a dungeon, lost and confused… Chanel asleep in class, a gloved hand with bladed fingers sliding down her back and up her leg… The Monster himself waving those claws in her face… Bound to a throne, half-naked, forced to suck Freddy’s cock as he laughs at her… the blades running across her neck… Is it real? Nightmare? Who knows really?


Karlee Grey Wants to Play

Part 1 of 3 – Adorable Karlee kneels patiently in Present Position, completely naked, hands palm-up on her knees. Master doesn’t keep her waiting long (come on, you wouldn’t either!). She keeps her perfect posture while Master wraps the ropes around her naked body. Master slowly and meticulously ties her wrists behind her back, then binds her breasts in a harness. (more…)

Tia Cyrus Damsel Noir

My little tribute to Film Noir stars Tia Cyrus as a Dominatrix who gets abducted and forced to strip at gunpoint, then tied up and forced to suck cock. Her abductor takes her back to his place and slowly methodically trains her to be a perfect Bondage Slave. Tia is tied up over and over, tighter and tighter, forced to wear a ballgag when she’s not being forced to practice sucking a giant dildo. She is thoroughly worked over with a riding crop across her gorgeous ass until she’s broken and meek and will humbly suck her Master’s cock on command.

Kiki D’Aire Humiliated

From a Custom Video – Part 1 of 9: Kiki is done with her business meetings and ready to relax in her hotel room. She strips out of her work clothes and into comfy shorts and top, her stockings still on, when suddenly the door bursts open. A man dressed in black, wearing dark glasses brandishes a gun in her face. He says he’s the police and that she is being arrested. Kiki, terrified, protests her innocence but the man zip ties her wrists. Kiki screams it’s too tight, but he slaps her face and starts to grope and fondle her, warning her that in this country she has no rights and will do as he says. He stuffs the gun in her mouth and without even letting her get dressed, marches her away to a jail cell to await interrogation…

Rahyndee James Spreadeagled and Chloroformed

From a Custom Video… Clip 1 of 4: Rahyndee James is a simple girl, cheerful, not that bright, and does whatever her daddy’s friend Tim tells her is best. Even if that means being chained naked to a bed, hands in restrictive mittens, so she doesn’t get into trouble. Still, she wants to wander off and start mischief, so Tim has to tie her spread-eagled to the bed so she will wait while he makes dinner. Rahyndee trustingly obeys, but the moment he leaves she goes back to writhing and stretching and trying to get free.

Alessandra Noir Cheerleader Punished

4 part series from a Custom Video: Part 1 of 4 – Alessandra Noir can’t make cheerleader practice, she is in the principal’s office. She was caught with a forged final paper and has to face her punishment. Principal Woodman explains that she can be kicked out of school right now, and not graduate, and miss out on her scholarship, or they can come to an… arrangement. (more…)

Rahyndee James Abducted

Just a bit of classic Villainy: Gorgeous (I mean really and truly fucking GORGEOUS) Rahyndee James sleeps in a lovely blue satin nighty, safe and sound or so she thinks. A masked intruder steals into her bedroom to rob her, but can’t resist her beauty. He trails a gloved hand up her amazing curves then puts it over her mouth as she wakes in terror. (more…)

Tia Cyrus Punished

From a Custom Video: Part 1 Tia Cyrus hires a private detective to blackmail her husband. Little does she realize he’s really the infamous ProVillain, already hired by her husband to abduct her and train her as a sex slave! He grabs her off the street and carries her off to his lair. There she is collared and chained on all-fours, ball-gagged, when her captor strolls in with a whip. (more…)

Alessandra Noir Bound and Gagged

We had a few spare minutes after our custom video, so I tied and gagged Alessandra Noir on a sofa so she could flirt with her eyes and beckon you with her lithe sexy body. Simple, elegant, a consensual bondage classic scene. I hope you enjoy!


Detective and Damsel Knocked Out

Detective and Damsel Knocked Out! Starring Dixie Comet and Star: Wealthy heiress Star has been abducted. She is bound and gagged, naked, stuck in a jail cell. Detective Dixie finds her and is certain she can rescue her, but the Villain sneaks up behind her. Star screams into her gag but Dixie doesn’t understand (after all, that’s what gags are for!) and soon she is squirming and moaning into a chloroform-soaked rag. The Villain unbuttons her blouse and fondles her breasts before approaching the helpless terrified heiress. He holds the rag to her face too and although she tries to resist the drug takes effect and her eyes roll back as she loses consciousness…

Cupcake Does Her Homework

Bratty little Cupcake doesn’t want to do her homework, but Daddy knows how to motivate. He slaps her curvy little ass, then takes a leather strap to it, but Cupcake just gets more and more bratty and insolent. He rips her clothes off and starts to torture her sensitive breasts and nipples while she squeals and squirms in humiliation and pain. Once Daddy is angry there’s no going back though, and he drags her to her knees and slaps her face until she promises to be a good girl.

Jessica Jaymes Learns a Lesson

From a Custom Video: This is actually a sequel to my first Jessica Jaymes Custom. She is now a bought and paid for sex slave, and her new Master wants to see what she can do. He makes her lick and worship his feet, then his balls, finally she sucks his cock and swallows his load. Master is not done though, and he forces her to drink his piss! Horrified, Jessica takes the first chance she gets when left alone and tries to use Master’s cell phone to call for help. He catches her though, and she must learn a lesson.


Jay Taylor and Paisley Parker Spanked

Jay Taylor and Paisley Parker lay on a table, asses in the air, while Tim ties them down. There are nervous giggles and flirty fingers, but then the fun begins. Tim takes his time caressing and spanking each of their gorgeous butts. Jay confides that she prefers to be tickled, so of course Tim obliges that too. Sensual, a little silly, sexy and fun, this clip even features super slow-mo footage so you can watch each blow land and each curvy butt-cheek ripple with the impact. Enjoy!


Amber Rayne Overpowered

From a Custom Video starring my good friend Amber Rayne: In this one she plays a gung-ho detective, perhaps a little too much in love with her own appearance. She stalks the famous Villain, taking plenty of time to make sure her skirt is riding high above her perfectly straight stockings. Soon she catches him in his lair, but like a classic rookie gets caught up in her own monologue and the Villain jumps her. What follows is a sexy and hilarious struggle for control of the gun, finally ending with poor Amber stripped, dragged to the ground, and thoroughly fucked. She tries to keep her dignity, but the forced orgasms break her down and when the Villain climaxes inside her and leaves her there breathless and wrung out, she can only lie there panting and asking him to call her some time…


Cupcake Finds a Gun

Cupcake can’t sleep. She wanders into Daddy’s room but he’s not there. She tries to get comfy on his bed but she finds a strange toy… is this Mommy’s vibrator? Mischievous little Cupcake can’t resist temptation and she uses it on herself, rubbing the buzzing toy over her panties until she cums right on Daddy’s bed. She dozes off for a bit, but there’s a lump under Daddy’s pillow. Her inquisitive little hands find a strange new toy… Daddy’s gun! She takes it out and plays with it, so fascinated that she doesn’t even notice as Daddy comes up behind her, grabbing her tight. It’s time to teach Cupcake a very, very hard lesson.


Learn to “Rig Like a Villain!”

From my DVD “BDSM 0-60 #1 Rig Like a Villain” I finally share my wealth of dastardly devious knowledge and teach you all you need to know about ropes, safety, basics, and various ties in the “Western” or “Damsel in Distress” style bondage I’ve specialized in since 1996. Study these clips (if you can keep from getting distracted by my gorgeous and mostly naked assistants Amber Rayne, Darla Crane, Ela Darling, Holly West, Jessie Parker, Kiki D’Aire and Star Nine) and you will learn all the skills you need to begin your journey as a true Villain! Or at least, how to tie up people with rope without looking like a complete idiot… or just stare at the models. That’s totally okay too.


Paisley Parker Double Dommed

I love working (read that ‘fooling around’) with Jay Taylor. Even better I love it when she brings me a treat for us to share! Paisley Parker stands naked and bound spreadeagled to an X-Cross when Jay approaches. The sexual tension is immediate and white-hot as Jay fondles and caresses her playmate, then starts licking her sensitive vulnerable pussy.


Amber Rayne Whipped

Amber and I had some spare time left at the end of a shoot and decided to essentially record a bit of spontaneous play. She sits on a bondage horse, giggling and smiling as I lift her dress over her head to expose her delicious little naked body. I take my time tying her up on-camera, which if you know anything about Amber you know she LOVES being tied up with rope! (more…)

Cupcake Sinclair in “Housekeeping!”

Presenting the Internet Porn debut footage of our very own Cupcake Sinclair! She starts her performance off with a bang, that’s for sure…

Tim is waiting in his hotel room when there is a soft tap at the door “Housekeeping!” He invites her in then steps back out of sight. A lovely little thing enters and begins straightening up the room. Tim creeps up behind her and soaks a rag in sinister red chemical, then attacks from behind…


Dixie Comet and Star Stabbed!

Stabbed in the Guts! Starring Dixie Comet and Star (and me in my very best “Dexter” getup heh heh heh): The girls think they’re going to watch a scary movie and cuddle and snuggle and maybe do some lesbian kissing, but they don’t know they have an intruder. He sneaks up on them and one by one injects a paralytic in their necks. They go out without very much struggle at all… (more…)

Alex Chance Interrogated

From a Custom Video: (part 1) Alex Chance is in serious trouble! Seems she was on a nursing mission to some strange country when she was captured, and now she stands with arms tied overhead, topless, wearing only her scrubs and some rough moleskin tape over her nipples and pussy. Her Captor appears and starts demanding information from her, while yelling at her and groping her body. Alex is indignant and curses at him, but he slowly and cruelly peels the sticky tape from each nipple and then from her pussy. Alex groans in pain but her troubles are just beginning if she won’t tell him what he wants to know…


Nicki Hunter “Body and Soul”

In co-production with Severe Society comes the next in our “Devil’s Workshop” series! I’m so very proud to get to work with them and produce this intensely badass content. In DW2 “Body and Soul” Nicki Hunter stars as a down on her luck singer who would do anything to get ahead in the business. When she off-handedly says she’d sell her body and soul to the Devil to make it she doesn’t realize he’s listening. Her wish is granted, but at one steep price…


Play Doctor with Jay Taylor

Doctor Woodman (I know I know, just go with it, okay???) has finished a 16 hour shift but apparently he’s not done. Head Nurse Jay Taylor needs a little attention of her own, namely the Dr.’s skills with her favorite Hitachi Magic Wand. She begs and pleads and fawns over him until he agrees to treat her ‘hysteria’ but first needs to tie her to the table so she doesn’t squirm too much during the procedure. (No amount of rope can keep Jay from squirming, but it’s still fun to tie her down.) Plenty of on-screen rigging, giggly banter, and a little sexy flirtation results in Jay finally tied down. Tim then takes a coffee break and leaves her there to struggle! Finally he does return and give her the attention she so desperately craves, holding the vibrator over her nylons until she has a fantastic bondage orgasm.


Sabrina Stone Snuffed

RE-RELASED with bonus BEHIND SCENES footage! Five grisly murders in one excellent story. Sabrina Stone loved to do horror movie “Scream Queen” stuff, and when I booked her she insisted on doing this gruesome story where she gets murdered over and over. Who am I to refuse? There’s strangling, throat-slashing, drowning, throttling, and more, plus of course plenty of nudity!


Amber Rayne Suspension

Amber Rayne is one of the best bondage models I’ve EVER worked with. We’ve been friends for years and I never miss a chance to tie her up. Here she is in a suspended hogtie, duct tape gag, mmfffing and struggling and squirming in midair!

Bonus Clip: Enjoy the behind scenes banter as Amber relaxes into her ropes. We chat about how we first met, some of the fun we’ve had on camera, Amber’s love of ropes… or you can just tune all that out and watch the beautiful girl getting all tied up, whatever you like!


Alex Chance and the Timebomb

Poor Alex Chance has been taken hostage! She stands tied to a pole outdoors, one leg bent, intricate ropes wrapped around her curvy silken clad body. Soon her captor arrives, and with some taunting on the side, slashes her silken nightie to ruins. Alex can do nothing as he exposes and then gropes her big natural breasts, but that’s not what he really wants. He knows her Daddy is rich, and will pay any ransom when he sees that Tim has strapped several sticks of TNT to her torso! Will he deliver the ransom in time? Watch poor Alex beg and plead, staring into the camera in growing panic as the seconds tick down to zero…

Jay Taylor Bound Maid

Good help is hard to find when you’re a Villain. Jay Taylor is the most perfect, scrumptious delectable French Maid you ever did see, but she forgot a crucial ingredient in my World Domination plan and now she must be tied down, stripped, and punished… if I can get her to stop giggling! Classic bondage, gorgeous girl, stunning breasts, and a whole lot of tongue-in-cheek banter is the norm whenever Jay and I get together and this clip is goofier than ever. I hope you think it’s sexy too!


Cassidy Banks Spreadeagled

From a Custom Video: (I get to work with some GORGEOUS women thanks to my custom video customers, and Cassidy is STUNNING!) Cassidy is brought to my clinic because of her erratic violent behavior. She’s so out of control that she had to be put in a straitjacket. She is still mouthing off to me as I explain that we’re short-staffed and she’ll have to be restrained until we can get to her. Soon poor Cassidy is bound with medical restraints, spread-eagled to a bed. She is totally naked except for some moleskin tape that had been applied to her nipples and pussy so the straitjacket wouldn’t chafe. She squirms and struggles but can’t get free.


Kendall Earns Her Inheritance

From a Custom Video: Sassy little heiress Kendall thinks she’s got it made. She gets all her daddy’s millions and never has to deal with pervy old attorney Tim again. Tim reminds her of a little clause in the will though… she must still be a virgin when she turns 21 or she loses all the money! We both KNOW she’s no virgin, but Tim is willing to bend the rules, if she will bend over for him! Kendall is disgusted, she hates him, but what choice does she have?


Cassidy Banks Bound

Just some classic bondage for you to enjoy: Cassidy Banks is a beautiful dark-skinned bombshell, with lovely eyes and the kind of natural big breasts that make men weep. I have her bound up tight for you, those lovely breasts wrapped in rope, wrists and ankles stretched to the bedposts, a leather ring-gag wedged tight in her pretty mouth. Cassidy makes amazing ‘come fuck me’ eyes at the camera as she rolls, writhes and wriggles, clearly in love with the rope and wanting you to come play with her! As a bonus I also kept the camera running during the rigging so if you want a nice glimpse of behind scenes footage of this beautiful girl as the ropes wrap around her sexy curves, I hope you enjoy that too!


Jay Taylor, Rough Rocker

Just some fun goofing around with my good friend and fuck buddy Jay Taylor: She plays the bored horny groupie, I play the jaded rock musician (I know, it’s a stretch…). Jay wants some good hard fucking but I’m busy griping about another band that’s doing better than mine. She decides to goad me by telling me how much she likes that band and IT’S ON! Jay gets exactly the kind of rough and tumble sex she loves, including a brisk spanking, a hard throat-fucking, and all the cock her tight little pussy can take until I shoot my hot cum all over her trembling little ass. ROCK AND ROLL MOTHERFUCKER!!!


Star Stabbed in the Guts

Watch closely as Star, without a care in the world, slips out of her white bathrobe. Look at her lithe sexy body as she slips into a green satin nightie and lays down with a magazine. She has no idea there’s a man behind her, soaking a chemical into a rag… he puts it over her mouth and holds her while she squirms and tries to scream but that just makes the drug work faster. Soon she is passed out and helpless in his arms. He slashes and rips her nightie away, then duct-tape gags her pretty little mouth. Star wakes up and stares in terror at the huge knife he waves in her face.


Brooke Haven Spreadeagled

From a Custom Video: Brooke Haven finds herself naked, bound spread-eagled to a bed. She squirms and struggles, but can’t get herself free. Her ‘doctor’ comes in to check on her, and she tries threatening, flirting, taunting, but can’t get him to let her go. He just pours oil on her naked defenseless pussy and leaves her there to struggle. Finally he decides it is time for a little enforced nap, and holds a wet rag over her face until she falls asleep. When she finally moans and awakens he returns and despite her weak protests, knocks her out again, softly stroking her gorgeous breast as she goes back under.


Faye Reagan, No Choice

This is the last content I ever shot with Faye Reagan. She played a cheating housewife, and I get to be the lecherous private detective who catches her, and then blackmails her. She can lose her comfy rich husband, or she can meet my lascivious demands! That involves lots of forced kisses, fingering, forced orgasms, reluctant blowjobs, pussy eating, fucking, and finally she takes a hot load in her mouth, then lets it drips down onto her breasts. I LOVE being a Villain!!!


Brooke Haven Chloroformed

Brooke Haven steps out of her shower, stark naked and stunningly gorgeous. She puts on her new silky satin lingerie and admires herself in the mirror. Meanwhile a dastardly Villain sneaks up on her, soaking a rag in some suspicious chemical…


Brooke Haven’s First Straitjacket(s)

Just when you though the legendary sex goddess Brooke Haven was out of ‘firsts’ we realize she’s never been in a straitjacket! I took great pleasure in popping Brooke’s SJ-cherry. We filmed a casual sensual fun time interviewing her as she tried on two classic jackets and rolled around all sexy in them. I hope you loved it as much as I did!


Alex Chance, Abducted Sextoy

From a Custom Video: Alex Chance uses her charm and her big tits to get through life… until a seemingly awkward car loan agent gets her home address and decides she’s better suited to a life as his personal sextoy. What follows is a classic: abduction and forced stripping at knifepoint, bondage sex, bondage blowjobs, slave training, anal play, cumshots & swallowing… pretty much all the good stuff! Thanks Alex for another stunning job as a miserable damsel in waaaay more than distress!


Caroline Pierce, Vampire’s Prey!

Drawn by a mysterious call, Caroline Pierce is confronted by a frightful intruder. She doesn’t want to invite him in, but with a wave of his hand her will escapes her and she invites him across the threshold. The Vampire admires his prize as she stands helpless before him. He lifts her pure white gown away to reveal her sensuous curves, then presses her down to the chaise lounge. She trembles with fear but can’t stop him and he bares his fangs, driving them deep into her breast, then her hip. She moans with horrified pleasure as he drinks from her.

Alison Tyler Spread-Eagled

From a Custom Video – Part 1: Alison Tyler is dressed inappropriately for the family reunion (yeah I know, nobody’s complaining but hey, customer’s always right.) Uncle Tim has to take her upstairs and restrain her to keep her from ruining the party. Alison mouths off and complains, but Tim wrestles her out of her clothes and ties her down naked and spread-eagled to the bed. Alison writhes and twists but can’t get free of her bonds. Tim comes back to check on her, taunting her while she struggles. He pours some water down her throat and leaves her there again to think about her behavior…


Bloopers, Boobs & Out-takes!

A Villain’s work is not always serious. Take a peek at me and my all-star sexy friends in a behind-scenes glimpse into the pratfalls, goof-ups, and general hilarity that doesn’t quite make it into the finalized dark sinister clips I usually publish…


Marie McCray Pays the Rent

From a Custom Video: Marie McCray is 4 months behind on her rent and Tim knows just how she can pay it off. She must agree to be his sex toy for one night for each month’s rent. Marie is shocked and horrified, but has no choice. She submits to the degradation, letting him strip her, fondle her, finger her, eat her pussy… she takes his cock in her mouth and her pussy over and over, getting cum in her womb, down her throat, across her tits, and finally up her poor ass!


Odette Delacroix Drowned

Lovely little Odette slips out of her robe and into a nice hot bath. She lets the warm water soothe her naked body then takes her favorite vibrator and runs it all over her slick wet skin. She gives herself a good hard orgasm then slips off to sleep, little knowing a violent intruder is sneaking up on her. He puts his hands around her throat as her eyes fly open in panic. She tries to scream, her arms and legs kicking and flailing, but he forces her head under water and holds her there as her struggles get weaker… weaker… until she lies quiet and still, a perfect underwater image of murdered beauty…


Ela Darling Abducted and Tormented

From a Custom Video: Ela Darling is getting ready for a hot date. She finishes touching up her make-up in the mirror, and with a smile heads for the door. Too bad somebody else has other plans for her! A Villain rushes her from behind and holds a mask to her face. Ela tries to scream, she struggles, but within moments she slumps to the ground unconscious. The Villain caresses her limp body then pulls out a knife and shreds her blouse and skirt, leaving her naked body exposed to his caressing fingers. Finally he carries her to another room…Ela awakens naked, bound with rope and gagged with duct-tape.


Holly West Sextoy

From a Custom Video: Holly West is a young struggling model who thinks she’s landed a sweet gig in a new town. What she’s really in for is a new life as a well-trained sex slave. A few innocent photos, then a rag full of chloroform, and soon she’s tied up, gagged, half-naked and ready for shipping! Her new owner is not quite right in the head, like dangerously crazy. He shocks her with a tazer, beats her with a whip, makes her suck the barrel of a gun, and that’s just for warm-ups before all the bondage blowjobs and cum-swallowing. Finally he forces her into a wedding gown and down the aisle. Once they’re married he fucks her every which way until finally blasting a huge load up her pussy before mumbling ‘we’re gonna live happily ever after!’


Odette Delacroix Strangled in the Hot Tub

Silly Odette thinks she can sit in that tiny little bikini in a jacuzzi with me and then reject me when I try to get fresh? She thinks she can SLAP me and get away with it? That kind of shit will get her STRANGLED! I wrap my hands around her throat and squeeeeese as she struggles and gasps for breath. She thrashes around to no avail, and after what seems like forever her poor little lights go out. Once she’s dead I can take my time, opening her top and playing with those little breasts of hers while her dead body floats around…


Holly West Helpless

From a Custom Video: I have Holly West tied up and helpless on my sofa, AND I have her husband tied up in the next room. If she doesn’t want me to beat him to a pulp she must do everything I say. She cries and whimpers and moans, but she also licks my balls, sucks my cock, suffers forced orgasms from my tongue, and takes my cock over and over till I cum all over her belly!


Darla Crane Stabbed to Death

It is always an honor to work with the legendary Darla Crane. She is in this Villain’s mind still the greatest. Even better, I get paid to do things with her that most people can only dream of. For example, tie her down, whip her with a singletail, do her first-ever on-camera hot-wax scene, and then just for kicks, STAB HER TO DEATH! Hey, sometimes they don’t pay the ransom, what’s a Villain to do?


Nicki Hunter Housepet

Final chapter of a Custom Video: I paid good money for my own house-slave and I’m going to use her HARD over and over! Day 1: Dress her like a doll, whip the HELL out of her & let her pee in a bucket. Day 2: put her in tattered dress, tie her to the bed, and rape her mouth until she swallows my load. Then Command her to keep my cock in her lips till morning…

Nicki Hunter makes the perfect house-slave now. She dresses however I command, rides a vibrator in bondage until she squirts into a bucket, and sucks my cock over and over, swallowing everything (that doesn’t end up in her hair) every time!


Star Jungle Girl

Never miss a chance to work with Star. She’s still one of the best fetish models I’ve ever worked with. Here she is, dressed in rawhide Jungle Girl bikini, tied up all tight and pretty for you, rolling around in the mud. Watch her perfect body get deliciously filthy, from her bare breasts to her sexy soles, to that perfect ass… then watch as she stares you right in the eye and rubs one out just for you to enjoy!


Alex Chance and the Professor

From a 2-part Custom Video: Part 1 – Alex thinks she can flirt her way out of a bad grade without paying the price. Well, her Professor has other ideas! He pins her down and strips her, then bends her over for a harsh fucking from behind, then makes her swallow his cum. That only earns her a D… what else will she have to do to graduate??? (more…)

Amber Rayne Hot Wax

Amber Rayne is still one of my all-time favorites. She has it all, looks, flexibility, super-high pain tolerance, professionalism, she’s just the best. So when I got a Custom Video request for her I was only too happy to take it! Watch her get chloroformed, stripped, tied down, whipped, single-tailed… As a bonus, this is her first-ever on-camera hot-wax session!