SloansMoans in Secret Admirer

Running time 13:09 Price $13.00

Sloan has a secret admirer, and he knows just how to win her love: by spiking her tea! Sloan takes a sip and is almost immediately too drugged to move. She can only mumble and moan, flopping her arms and legs weakly as her admirer enters and starts to grope and fondle her. He tells her how he’s been watching her, what he plans to do with her. Then he ties her down and whips her sexy legs, belly, pussy, the heavy flogger lands all over her helpless body. Now that he has her warmed up he pulls her panties aside and feasts on her exposed pussy, then he uses a vibrator to force her to cum for him. He force-kisses her and tells her to get some rest. All his friends are coming over tomorrow to meet her!
NOTE: This video obviously not available on C4S because drugged drink, forced pussy eating, Sloan begging and crying, all the best parts! FUCK CENSORSHIP! Anyway, there is some BTS of her getting used to bondage and whipping available over there, and you can buy this sizzling hot clip either at NicheClips or email me for private sale. Thanks, -Tim