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Dorothy Laine in Ravisher Returns

Dorothy’s dreams return, and the Ravisher chloroforms her, ties her up, and forces his cock down her pretty throat, then […]

Dorothy Laine Dreams of the Ravisher

Dorothy keeps having these dreams… in this one she comes home from work in a pretty suit, but a burglar […]

Dorothy Laine and the Mad Hatter

Dorothy and I dressing up again, this time as Alice and the Hatter for a drugged-drink tea party, with bondage, […]

Dorothy Laine, Sexy Stripper Slashed

Dorothy and I love this idea, we played it at home many times, so we finally filmed it. Sexy Stripper […]

Dorothy Laine in Criminal Force

One of the last things Dorothy and I ever shot together. She plays a criminal who double-crossed her lover. He […]

Dorothy Laine POV Blowjob

Haven’t you ever wished you were me? Dorothy tied up on your bed as you slash her clothes away, then […]

Dorothy Laine and the Pirate King

It’s good to be the Pirate King. It means I get to strip her of her pretty nightgown, fondle and […]

Anastasia Pierce Strangles Dorothy Laine

Evil Domme Anastasia fondles and caresses her terrified victim Dorothy, until Dorothy bites her breast in defiance! Anastasia loses her […]

Dorothy Laine and Mary Jane

Two classic pinup girls, all tied up in vintage lingerie in a dark dungeon, complete with skeleton of the last […]

Dorothy Laine and Cathryn Beaumont Gag-Kissing

Seriously, does it get ANY better than Dorothy and Cathryn, tied up face-to-face, gag-kissing as their pretty toes dangle?  

Alsana Sin Taken 2

Dorothy and I team up to kidnap the lovely Alsana Sin.  In Part Two, Dorothy takes her turn fondling and […]

Dorothy Laine Spanked in the Diner

One of my all-time favorites!  Me as a bad biker and Dorothy Laine in a 50’s poodle skirt.  Spanking, more […]

Dorothy Laine in Savage Dream

   Dorothy tells her analyst Lorelei about her vivid force-fantasy dreams of being forced at knifepoint in the woods, and […]

Dorothy Laine and Stacy Burke Bed Bondage

  Two of my all-time favorites, Dorothy and Stacey are tied up together on a bed, their tops removed as they […]

Dorothy Laine and Sara Nychols Saran-Wrapped

   I wrapped up two of my faves, Dorothy and Sara Nychols, so their delicious feet were right next to […]

Dorothy Laine and Chanta Rose Tied Together

  Chanta and Dorothy, naked, tied together, giggling and kissing while getting whipped with flogger and dragon-tongue. I think they […]

Dorothy Laine Graveyard Whipping

   Dorothy and I snuck into a graveyard to do this special gothic set, just for you! So sit back […]

Jewell Marceau and Dorothy Laine Tied at Gunpoint

   Two pretty girls, snuggled on a sofa, watching a horror movie.  Suddenly, they are accosted by a masked intruder! […]

Dorothy Laine and Sara Nychols Tied and Kissing

Sara Nychols and  Dorothy, in leather and chains, willingly tied up and taking a whip, just for the chance to […]

Dorothy Laine Tied Up and Molested

Here we find Dorothy in Lorelei’s attic (Idon’t know why) when she is assaulted (yet again!) by yours truly. Clothes […]

Dorothy Laine Tied and Tickled

Dorothy Laine in sexy satin, tied up with purple rope, eventually naked, and squealing as she’s tickled all over. What’s […]

Dorothy Laine Zaps Sara Nychols

Dorothy Laine in a short red wig and her slave Sara Nychols on an X-cross, enduring the static sting of […]

Dorothy Laine and Sadie Belle in the Bath

Okay, so, nobody’s tied up or whipped, but damn, Dorothy Laine and Sadie Belle nude, smooching and caressing each other’s […]

Taxing Toes

Dorothy Laine stars as the lovely accountant. She gets accosted, tied up, and has her sexy naked feet molested over […]

Dorothy Laine Outdoor Oral

I think this is the first on-camera oral Dorothy ever did. We were shooting a short set of  Dorothy naked […]

Dorothy Laine Tops Sadie Belle
Dorothy Laine Tops Sadie Belle

Sadie is tied to an X-cross, Dorothy slices up her dress, caresses her with a knife, and whips her with […]