Ashley Lane Ultragirl Bound Orgasms

Running time 15:24 Price $16.00

Oh, that poor Ultragirl, always seems to be getting into trouble. She’s grabbed from behind, a chloroform-soaked rage over her mouth and nose. She struggles valiantly but ultimately succumbs to the drug and passes out. Her captor rips her belt away and paws at her tits. Soon Ultragirl is tied up, ballgagged, a vibrator tormenting her pussy. She can only moan and writhe helplessly as her captor taunts and teases her, watching her have multiple forced orgasms. Will she ever get free? We hope not! This is fun!
NOTE: This video not available on C4S because chloro, rapey overtones, the usual. FUCK CENSORSHIP. You can buy it at or email me for private sale. Thanks, -Tim