Ashley Lane Grabbed Gagged & Mouthraped

Running time 18:21 Price $19.00

From a Custom Video: Ashley is admiring herself in the mirror when an intruder pounces on her from behind. He holds a hand over her mouth but she’s still screaming, so he pinches her nose and stuffs a rag in her face, securing it with a tape gag. Ashley struggles in a panic, but he carries her off. Soon she is in his bedroom, being groped and tortured, his brutal hands all over her helpless body. He never even says a word, just spanks her and pinches her nipples, then secures a leather collar and chain leash around her throat. He forces her head down to his cock and rapes her mouth. He tittyfucks her, then fucks her face some more, eventually forcing her to swallow his whole load. He then fastens a ballgag to her mouth so she has to keep tasting what happened to her, and chains her sobbing.
NOTE: this video not available on C4S because it’s too rapey. You can buy it on or contact me or Ashley directly for private purchase. -Tim