Lily Lane Drugged and Raped

Running time 10:30 Price $11.00

Check out that cutie sitting on a park bench in her little jean shorts, sneakers and sexy tank top. She gets uncomfortable when Tim sits down too close next to her, but before she can get up and leave he jabs a syringe into her throat and paralyzes her. Lily can only moan weakly as he drags her away to a creepy dark bedroom. There he takes his time stripping her, forcing his cock past her sexy full lips, and then raping her until he cums all over her belly. If you love barely conscious, moaning protesting but helpless women getting totally used and covered in cum, then THIS little number is for you!
NOTE: Obviously this one is not available on C4S because drugs, rape, whatever. FUCK CENSORSHIP. You can buy it at or email me for private sale. Thanks, -Tim