Alex Chance and the Timebomb

Poor Alex Chance has been taken hostage! She stands tied to a pole outdoors, one leg bent, intricate ropes wrapped around her curvy silken clad body. Soon her captor arrives, and with some taunting on the side, slashes her silken nightie to ruins. Alex can do nothing as he exposes and then gropes her big natural breasts, but that’s not what he really wants. He knows her Daddy is rich, and will pay any ransom when he sees that Tim has strapped several sticks of TNT to her torso! Will he deliver the ransom in time? Watch poor Alex beg and plead, staring into the camera in growing panic as the seconds tick down to zero…

Bonus Clip: For everybody who wants to see the on-screen rigging, and for those who love behind the scenes goofy antics, here’s some footage of Alex Chance being silly while I wrap those ropes around her luscious curves. Enjoy the goofy banter, admire the intricate rigging, or just stare at her gorgeous body. One way or the other, there’s plenty to enjoy in this one!

Alex Chance Clip 01

Alex Chance Clip 02