Alison Rey Drugged and Raped

Adorable little Alison sleeps on her dad’s friend’s sofa in her sexy purple lingerie. Does she have any idea how good she looks? Maybe not but it’s too late now. Tim comes in and gently wakes her, letting her know that her dad is running late and probably won’t be back till morning. He convinces her to try a special little drink he says will ‘help her sleep’. Trusting, she takes a nice slow gulp. Soon Alison is woozy, barely comprehending as Tim mentions how much money her dad owes him and how he thinks he has a way to get payback. She begins to weakly protest as Tim starts to touch her, his invasive hands roaming all over her barely covered body. The drug is too strong though and she can’t stop him. He turns her over and kisses her, then bares her breasts and licks them while shy cries softly, helpless to stop him. Next he takes his phone and starts to take photos of her half naked sleepy body. Alison begs him not to but he just laughs and threatens to send the pics to her dad, her family, her insta, if she doesn’t do what he says. Sobbing, she knows she has no choice. Tim rips her top and panties to pieces and starts to lick her sweet smooth pussy. Alison hates it but Tim loves it, feasting on her defenseless sex. Then he pulls poor Alison into a sitting position and forces his cock into her mouth. He enjoys her trembling lips for a while before laying her back down and raping her. Alison cries harder “You’re hurting meeee” but that only urges him on. He flips her over and rapes her doggystyle before finally spraying his load all over her back and ass. Then after taking a few more photos he leaves her there for her father to find, naked, tear-stained, and covered in cum.
NOTE: this video NOT available through C4S or iWC because drugs and too rapey. You can buy through NicheClips or hit me up directly for a copy. -Tim

Alison Rey Drugged Raped