Angel Dark in The Judge’s Wife

From a Custom Video: Angel Dark plays the trophy wife of a Judge who tried to take on the Slave Ring. Tim captures her at gunpoint, forces her to strip, fucks her ass and mouth, and videotapes the whole thing so he can send it to the Judge!

Back at the Dungeon, poor Angel’s humiliation is just beginning. Tim forces her to her knees, whipping her harshly with his bullwhip, making her cry and moan, before attaching nipple clamps and making her suck his cock again. Then, with a firm grip on her leash & ponytail, he takes her ass, fucking her hard while the camera keeps rolling!

Finally Tim shares the Judge’s Wife with the other Masters (okay, just me in a different shirt, but who’s looking at ME anyway?) who each whip, crop, abuse and use poor Angel’s gorgeous body. She gets ass-raped over and over, and must lick each cock clean, all the while staring at the camera and knowing her husband will have to watch!


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