Ashley Lane 2 Ways

From a Custom Video: Yet another Choose Your Own Adventure style video: Ashley Lane dances seductively before a mirror, but is she about to play with her Master, or be abducted by a Villain? Will she love the ropes, whips, Hitachis and nipple clamps, or will she moan in agony through her ballgag the whole time? YOU DECIDE! Then you can always come back for the other version later.

Ashley Lane Loves It

Ashley Lane Hates It

NOTE: this video NOT available through C4S or iWC because drugs and too rapey. You can buy through NicheClips or hit me up directly for a copy. -Tim

Bonus clip: Ashley Lane, naked, tied up, eating… a … uh… pizza? Then she drinks some water…from a bowl? Whatever, she’s naked so we’re good with it!