Ashley Lane Murdered

THIS VIDEO NOT AVAILABLE THROUGH C4S OR IWC because chloroform, knives, blood murder… you can buy it at NicheClips or email me directly for private sale. Thanks! –Tim

From a Custom Video: Ashley Lane is one of my all-time favorite Damsels, and here she absolutely shines in her performance. The customer wanted Horror Porn and Ashley delivered! Once abducted, bound spreadeagle and tape gagged, Ashley screams her head off, struggling in a frenzy and crying. Her captor strips her, tortures her, eventually cutting her with his knife. Ashley can only stare in horror and scream into her gag as blood drips down her thighs, breasts, stomach. Finally, the maniac heats up the knife with a lighter then plunges it deep into Ashley’s belly. She coughs and sputters, her spasms weakening as she slowly dies. Obviously, this video is NOT for the faint of heart. Buy it if you dare, and enjoy it if you’re as perverted as I am. I’ll keep your secret, Villain’s Honor!