Ashley Lane Needs a Whipping

This was not a Custom Video, it was in fact a request from Ashley herself. Seems she hadn’t experienced a good hard single tail whipping in a long time and was desperate for one. She came over, I set up a camera on a tripod, and we had a delicious real life playdate and YOU get to watch! Already naked and ready, Ashley giggles and bounces in eager anticipation. I warm her up with a Duster style heavy flogger, followed by a dragontongue across both that heavenly ass and those amazing breasts. Then we get down to it. I bring my singletail across her ass over and over. Ashley is unbound, and sometimes flinches, even rolls away in pain, but every time she resumes position and begs for more. After I finally bring her to her limit she curls up in my lap for a solid 5 minutes of gentle aftercare. This scene is as real as anything I’ve ever shot and we both loved every damn minute of it. I hope you do too.