Chanel Preston Pleasure and Pain

Chanel Preston kneels in her leather slave straps, in perfect Present Position. Her Master comes in and is pleased. He decides she deserves a reward. Chanel’s favorite reward is a thick heavy flogger across her ass. He adds a few hard spanks and a caressing grope of that perfect tight flesh, then turns her around so he can flog her amazing breasts. Next Master grinds the handle of his whip against her tender pussy until he gives her a good hard forced orgasm. Master isn’t finished though. He whips her breasts again, this time with a Dragon’s Tongue, the cruel sharp leather making her moan, then his tender kisses on her sensitive nipples making it worse. Master goads one more forced climax out of his slave on the smooth wooden handle of the Dragon’s Tongue before he pushes her to her knees so she can thank him like a good sex slave should: with her lips and tongue on Master’s cock. She kneels and worships him, he alternately lets her use her skills and holds her hair tight for good skull-fucking brutality. Chanel is awash with pain and pleasure, adoration and abuse, when finally Master holds her tight and cums deep down her throat. Chanel swallows every precious drop, then kneels obediently to wait for Master to come for her again… with a secret smile and a lick of her lips to thank you for watching!

Chanel Preston Clip 01