Charlotte Cross and Cupcake SinClair in “Caper”

Charlotte Cross and Cupcake SinClair in “Caper” – Short version: two sexy naked chicks tied up and being very, very silly.

Long version: I’m not entirely sure what we were thinking other than this could be cute. Here are the adventures of Top Girl and Bottom Girl. These two witless ‘crimefighters’ are too busy fighting over who gets to wear the top and who gets to wear the bottom of their shared costume to get much else done. They chase each other in circles through the house for a while before they finally catch each other. In the epic bewb-grabbing struggle that follows somehow they BOTH end up naked and tied together. Watch the two adventurers as they writhe and tug at their bonds, arguing the whole time over who’s fault this is and how they’re going to get away. What were we thinking? Who cares? It’s cute hot bondage chicks naked and tied up!

Cupcake and Charlotte Caper