Cupcake and Star in “Vampire’s Treat”

Star thinks her date with Tim is going great, until he suggests he wants her to meet someone special. Just as she’s starting to squirm uncomfortably he leans in, and with a wave of his fingers catches her under his spell. The Master Vampire has snared another helpless mortal. He casually undoes her top and fondles her breasts while she sits helpless and compliant under his hypnotic power. He wants her for himself but she is to be a gift to his immortal mate. He stands Star up, stripping away the rest of her clothes and commanding her to wait. Soon his mate arrives, stalking hungrily around her captive prey. She nibbles, licks, and savors poor Star like a treat. Then she pushes her down to the sofa to feed. Star can only moan and whimper in pain and horror as the monster bites, smearing blood all over her naked breasts, bleeding her dry. The Vampire stands, discarding the bloodied dead body with callous indifference. Her Master returns and kisses her, the two of them sloppily licking the dead girl’s blood from each other’s lips in a sick perverted feast of death.

Mika Tan Clip 01