Cupcake SinClair Blindfolded Bootworship

She kneels at my feet, naked, submissive, patient, perfectly trained. When I give the barest nod she eagerly slides to my leather boot and licks with long adoring worshipful swipes of her tongue. She debases herself before me, licking my boots like they give her life, even as I press one heel to the back of her neck and demonstrate my complete power over her. As a reward I let her straddle my booted toe. She grinds her naked wet pussy on the boot as my crop tortures her ass and breasts, her pain the only way she can receive the pleasure. Next I wrap my ropes around her, the affectionate hug of tight rope across her upper arms, over her eyes, taking her sight, her freedom, her humanity. Her lips and tongue find the boot again and she worships. It makes her whole. It gives her life. As the toe slides down over her breast to her pussy she is renewed, my perfect naked blindfolded bootworship slave.

Cupcake SinClair Boot Worship