Cupcake SinClair in Street Abduction

Cupcake SinClair in Street Abduction – Adorable little Cupcake is done with work and the last to leave. As she walks down the sidewalk to the garage a man comes up behind her and snatches her up. He holds a knife to her neck then slaps some duct tape over her mouth. Cupcake whimpers in terror as the man ties her wrists then yanks down her blouse and bra to expose her breasts. Then he forces her down to the ground and ties her knees and ankles. Powerless to stop him, Cupcake watches in horror as he rifles through her purse then decides to steal it all and leave her there for someone to find. Now be honest, what would YOU do with her if you found her like that?

Cupcake SinClair Abducted