Diana Grace Fucked and Strangled

Running time 12:58 Price $13.00

This one’s NOT from a custom video. I thought up this sick shit myself. Diana Grace, in a sexy green satin slip, sneaks up on a sleeping Villain. From the collection of empty bottles he had quite a bender. She starts to take pictures of herself with him, getting bolder and bolder until she’s sucking his cock as she snaps away. Tim awakens to find out she’s trying to seduce and blackmail him. Naturally he plays along, letting her suck him some more then ride him, until he flips her over to fuck her doggystyle and cum all over her back. Diana failed to take into account just how brutal a Villain can be. When she tries to negotiate a price for the pics, he starts choking her. Diana struggles weakly, but is no match for the enraged Villain. He strangles her to death then leaves her in a pile of empty syringes, alcohol and pill bottles. Nice try, but you mess with the best and you die like the rest!
NOTE: this one’s obviously not going on Clips4Sale but you can buy it at NicheClips or email me for private purchase. And, as always, FUCK CENSORSHIP! -Tim
ALSO NOTE: Diana actually did take 41 pics on my cell phone during this scene. If you want them, email me and for $10.00 I’ll send you copies