Diana Grace in Spirit Woman Bound

Running time 60 minutes Price $60.00

From a Custom Video: Gorgeous Diana Grace as superheroine Spirit Woman goes undercover to catch a slave trader. That does not go great for her and soon she is bound and gagged in just her underwear. When she gets free and transforms into Spirit Woman surely she will get the upper hand? Well, not surely. In fact not at all. This video is a glorious 60 minutes of bondage, peril, vibrators, gags, drool, bondage blowjobs, and a whole lot of knockouts by chloroform rag, spray gas, and syringes.
NOTE: Spirit Woman stays in costume the whole time. If you are here for nudity then this is not necessarily the production for you.
ALSO NOTE: the C4S version of this production is without all the KO action. You can get the full version on Nicheclips, or email me for private sale. Thanks, -Tim