Ela Darling Abducted and Tormented

From a Custom Video: Ela Darling is getting ready for a hot date. She finishes touching up her make-up in the mirror, and with a smile heads for the door. Too bad somebody else has other plans for her! A Villain rushes her from behind and holds a mask to her face. Ela tries to scream, she struggles, but within moments she slumps to the ground unconscious. The Villain caresses her limp body then pulls out a knife and shreds her blouse and skirt, leaving her naked body exposed to his caressing fingers. Finally he carries her to another room…Ela awakens naked, bound with rope and gagged with duct-tape.

The Villain enters and to her terror brandishes a whip. First it’s a heavy flogger, then a wide elk-tip tail, finally a single-tail snakewhip leaves angry red lines all over her naked helpless body while she screams into her gag and struggles helplessly… Ela Darling awakens once more, duct-tape gag still holding her silent, bound spread-eagle to an X-Cross on the floor. The Villain returns, this time he has a whole vat of hot wax to torment her with. She screams into her gag over and over but can’t stop him as he pours cup after cup of hot wax all over her naked helpless body! Ela is still moaning softly when the Villain returns, now with a Hitachi. She looks on in horror as he lowers the vibrating head to her pussy. She resists as best she can, but ultimately to her shame her body betrays her and he forces a huge climax out of her, leaving her exhausted, spent and broken, ready to be delivered to you for whatever you want her to do next…

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