Electra Rayne in Thank You Master

Running time 39:15 Price $40.00

A ProVillain / Severe Society co-production: Sensual kinky sparks fly in this scene. Electra crawls willingly to her Master, eager to be tied up and worked over. Tim adores her, pets her, strips her, then starts paddling her ass with a leather strap. Electra keeps moaning “Thank you Master” as he runs a violet wand over her tits and pussy. He uses both a heavy flogger and a single tail whip, flooding her with extremes of sensation. As reward for doing such a great job he allows her to worship his cock. She licks and sucks with such enthusiasm, then lays back so he can fuck her. They go at it hard, she cums over and over before he finally fills her pussy with his full load.

Electra Rayne BTS

Bonus footage of the rigging and general goofing off behind scenes of “Thank You Master” for those of you who like to watch the ropes get wrapped around a sexy submissive, or just want to stare at Electra’s amazing body as she sits naked and smiling while Tim works his bondage magic.