Electra Rayne Knocked Out and Raped

Running time 16:23, price $17.00

When Electra Rayne was told by her boyfriend to meet her at an abandoned warehouse she had no idea it was a setup. Her boyfriend owed me a lot of money and send her to me as payment. I took a moment to spy on her and leer at her lovely legs and curvy ass while she wandered around, innocent and unsuspecting. Then I crept up on her and held a chloroform-soaked rag to her face. Electra squeaked and protested, but the drug knocked her out. Soon she was half naked, gagged, and bound to a fuck-horse. I wasted no time, stripping her panties away and raping her hard from behind. Poor Electra could only cry and scream into her cleave gag helplessly as she felt me flood her sweet tight pussy with a massive creampie.

NOTE: this video not available on Clips4Sale, because well, duh. Chloroform and rape. You can buy it at NicheClips.com, or message me for private sale. -Tim