Freya Parker in Spy Girl Assaulted

Running time 26:05 Price $26.00

From a Custom Video: Gorgeous Agent Parker sneaks into a hotel room, intent upon stealing important information from a computer. Little does she know her opponent is right behind her, soaking a rag with chloroform. Just as Agent Parker turns to leave he grabs her and holds the rag over her face. Freya tries to resist but the drug is too strong. Once she is knocked out he strips and fondles her. Agent Parker is a fighter though, and keeps trying to resist the drug. Every time she moans and starts to struggle her opponent holds the rag over her face again. Poor Agent Parker gets her face fucked, then is pushed onto her back so he can fuck her pussy. He turns her over and fucks her from behind, including multiple additional chloroform knockouts before finally cumming all over her perfect firm round ass. One last knockout and he leaves her there, unconscious and covered in cum.
NOTE This video not available on C4S because chloroform, force fantasy, whatever. FUCK CENSORSHIP. You can buy it at or email me for private sale. Thanks, -Tim