Hadley Haze Spreadeagle

From a Custom Video: Curvy sexy blonde Hadley Haze comes home from school all excited. She wants to go out and meet a boy but her hillbilly stepdad (I know it’s kinda a tired cliché) will have none of it. He commands her to strip then ties her securely to the bed “so she can’t get in any trouble”. Hadley protests but obeys, struggling hopelessly against the restraints, her beautiful natural breasts swaying and jiggling. Stepdad comes back and forces a whole lot of moonshine down her throat to help her sleep and poor Hadley passes out, lying defenseless, naked, bound to the bed, for you to enjoy.

Hadley Haze Clip 01

Hadley Haze Clip 02

Hadley Haze Clip 03

NOTE: part 3 NOT available through C4S or iWC because ofthe forced drinking and passing out. You can buy it through NicheClips or hit me up directly for a copy. -Tim