Jelena Jensen Bound for Your Pleasure

Okay. I admit I’ve known Jelena Jensen for years and never had the chance to hire her before now and that’s a Villain FAIL. She is easily one of the most beautiful humans I have ever laid eyes on and a total sweetheart as well. So when a Custom Video order finally came along with her in it I HAD to get extra footage that same day. Here’s Jelena, making sweet love to you beyond the camera. She wears a lovely satin robe and negligee, and absolutely beckons you. Then she holds up a piece of rope like an offering, with mischief sparkling in her beautiful eyes. Soon she is bound, wrists and ankles, and writhing around on the bed like it turns her on even more than it does for you. She begs with her eyes for more, so you drag away her robe and add a chest rope. Jelena purrs and rolls around in bliss, loving every minute of being your private bondage doll. Finally you have to pull those straps down and bare those legendary perfect breasts. Jelena is hogtied and so, so gorgeous, beckoning to you with her eyes. Whatcha gonna do, just sit there, or give her what she really wants?!?!?

Jelena Jensen Bound