Jessica Jaymes Totally Fucked

From a Custom Video: The torments of Jessica Jaymes, once a powerful district attorney, now broken sex slave, continue. She kneels, hands cuffed behind her to her ever-present collar, leash held patiently between her teeth, waiting for her Master. He enters and removes the leash from her mouth and says “You have 20 minutes to make your Master cum twice with your mouth.” He shoves her face down and makes her beg for it, first licking and sucking his balls before being allowed to touch his cock. Finally she is allowed to suck him, and goes to work like her life depends on it. Jessica has become a perfect fuckslave, and swallows every drop of her Master’s cum, washing it down with his piss. Will she be able to do it again, or will she have to face an even worse punishment?

Part 2 of 7: Master drags Jessica over to his throne. She has made him cum once, but only has a few minutes to do it again or face horrible punishment. First she must practice by licking and worshipping her Master’s feet, then he pulls her face to his balls and makes her lick and suck on them. Jessica does her best to please her Master and he allows her to suck his cock, finally unleashing a second massive load right down her eager throat. She thanks her Master for the privilege of swallowing his cum and piss, then goes right back to licking and sucking his cock where she belongs.
Part 3 of 7: slave Jessica is bound on all fours, ankles secured to a spreader bar, wrists secured to a table. She is blindfolded, leash in her mouth, trembling and waiting for her Master once more. He enters and shoves her down on her elbows. He wants to see if her cunt is worth anything so he shoves his cock into her, riding her hard and brutal, degrading her the whole time as she groans in pain and misery. She hasn’t earned his cum yet though, so he cums in a bowl for later before making her lick and suck her juices from his cock and balls.
Part 4 of 7: Master rips slave Jessica’s blindfold away and returns to behind her, making her beg him to fuck her again. He puts the leash in her mouth and hauls on it like reins as he rides her, slapping her ass and treating her like the piece of fuckmeat she is. He pulls out just in time to cum in the bowl again, then makes her lick the thick cooling jizz up like a dog. Jessica, totally broken by now, puts her face in the nasty stale cum, swiping her tongue along and slurping up every disgusting drop.
Part 5 of 7: Fuckslave Jessica kneels before her Master again. He is on his throne, cruel leather whip in hand. He shoves his slave’s face down and forces her to lick his toes while he whips her back and ass. He keeps whipping her, brutalizing her perfect body as she moves on to his balls and then his cock, using her mouth to please her Master even as she cries out in pain from the beating. She tries to be a good cumwhore and swallow every drop of her Master’s jizz, but she coughs and some falls to the ground. Outraged, her Master shoves her face into it and makes her lick up all of the cum from the filthy floor. Now the worthless fuckslave must be punished!
Part 6 of 7: Poor wretched fuckslave Jessica kneels on her table again, terrified, waiting for her punishment. Master comes in and she begs for mercy but he shoves her face down and starts to whip her ass. The beating seems to go on forever, her cries mixing with the sharp sound of the leather falling over and over on her skin. Finally her Master is satisfied she has learned her lesson and gives her a brutal ruthless doggy-style fucking as a reward. Jessica writhes in agony, but his fist in her hair and tight hold of her collar gives her no choice but to take it all like a perfectly trained fuckslave must.
Part 7 of 7: Cumslave Jessica has learned her lesson, and when Master commands her to beg to suck the cum out of her Master’s cock she does not hesitate. She grovels for him, debasing herself, calling herself all manner of names and finally earning the honor of taking his cock into her mouth again. He uses her hard and rough as she desperately slurps on him, until finally he pulls her head back and unloads a massive blast across her mouth, down her breasts, marking her as his filthy fuckslave forever. Jessica thanks her Master for the honor of his gift, then takes his cock into her mouth again as he takes a long slow piss. Finally she looks right at the camera, Master’s cum still cooling on her breasts and face and says “I am your obedient cum and piss slave forever, Master!”

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