Karlee Grey Spreadeagle

From a Custom Video: Karlee Grey is naked and strapped into a white posey straitjacket. A chain connects her collar to the metal bedframe. She lies struggling against the jacket, until an Orderly comes in. Karlee sits up and wants to know what the hell is going on and she demands to be let go. The Orderly says that she’s been identified as a breast milk donor and that she will be here for several days to do that as part of a government program. Karlee refuses and again demands to be let go. The Orderly says that she’ll be milked whether she decides to cooperate or not. Since there are several other girls ahead of her in line, she’ll have to wait her turn until she’s prepped for the milking procedure. Until that time, she’ll have her straitjacket stripped off and she’ll be tied down to the bed for rest. Karlee says “like hell, I’ll be tied down” and starts to pull hard on her jacket sleeves.The Orderly shoves Karlee down on her back into the mattress. She struggles against the Orderly, trying to sit up, but he keeps pressing her back down. The scene fades out with the Orderly spreading her legs apart…
Part 2: Karlee is tied to the bed spread-eagled, totally naked and defenseless. She twists and writhes, gorgeous natural breasts swaying with the force of her struggles. Eventually the Orderly returns. He has a bottle of thick oily medication in his hand. He says that it’s milk stimulant that he has to put on her breasts so that her breast milk will rise to her nipples. Karlee squeals a protest but he drips the thick fluid all over her breasts. The Orderly advises her another side effect of the medication is that her pussy may grow wet. Karlee responds with a hearty Fuck YOU but the Orderly just leaves her there to struggle in her bonds…
Part 3: Poor Karlee’s pussy is dripping wet from the medication that was smeared on her. Her arms are secured by her sides and she lies helpless and exposed, tied down on the bed. The Orderly returns and gives her some water. Then he holds up the breasts pumps, explaining it’s almost time for her to be milked. Karle panics but she can’t stop the Orderly from attaching the pumps to her large soft defenseless breasts. Soon she is lying humiliated and defeated, suction cups securely attached to both breasts. The Orderly returns with a bottle of chloroform. He can’t have her moving around during the milking procedure. Karlee begs him not to but he holds her head firmly and forces the white cloth over her nose and mouth. Karlee’s eyes roll up as the drug takes effect, soon she is completely unconscious.
Part 4: Karlee is awake again, barely, groggy from the milking procedure. The dreaded pumps are gone but her whole body is covered in a sheen of sweat from the heat. The Orderly enters at last, with a clipboard, and tells her she did very well. She curses at him but can’t put up much of a fight. He tells her she needs rest because soon they will be milking her again. She moans and pleads but he soaks the rag with chloroform again and holds it to her face until she passes out. He lightly brushes his hand over her glistening wet breasts before leaving her there, naked, tied down, totally defenseless…
Bonus Behind Scenes – Karlee Grey lying relaxed and totally naked, casually stroking her pubic hair as Tim ties her down spread-eagle to his bed. They’re flirty, a little silly, and HOLY FUCK SHE’S GORGEOUS. I mean seriously, holy fuck. She’s. GORGEOUS.

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