Kat Dior Sensual Consensual

After a hard day of doing evil, Kat Dior and I decided to lighten things up with a sensual consensual bondage sex scene. This plays almost like behind scenes footage, with us laughing and flirting as I slowly tie her down. Kat smiles and writhes, obviously already turned on. Once she’s secured I touch and tease her with my trusty fanged riding crop, then finger her to the first of what turned out to be uncountable masses or orgasms. I release her from her bonds so she can treat you to a close up as she rubs her pussy, then I tie her down again, Hitachi fastened to her clit as I start to fuck her from behind. Kat is an incredible fuck and it’s all I could do to hang on as she cums over and over on my cock. Finally I blow an enormous load all over her back as she screams another one out. Exhausted, we laugh as we ease back from our cumdrunk high. Just as the camera fades Kat mumbles “I came so many times!”

Kat Dior