Krissy Lynn Dreams of the Ravisher

Porn Superstar Krissy Lynn joins the cast, and has her own super-hot dreams of the Ravisher. In her first dream, she’s in a sexy evening gown when the Ravisher chloroforms her, strips her, ties her up and forces his cock into her lovely mouth. Her dreams step up a notch as she’s dragged into a room, arms tied over her head, and whipped until she begs to do ANYTHING to make it stop. What follows is one super-enthusiastic bondage blowjob! Next Krissy’s dreams turn more personal, as the ravisher enters her bedroom, ties her up at knifepoint, slices her panties away and feasts on her pussy until she’s forced to orgasm. In the climactic conclusion, the Ravisher forces her to suck his cock, then flips her over and fucks her in bondage, finally driving them both to orgasm. Watch for Krissy’s VERY satisfied smile at the end as she returns to peaceful slumber…

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Krissy Lynn Ravished