Lauren Phillips Fuckdoll

Lauren Phillips is one spectacularly sexy woman. She has curves in all the right places, a dazzling devious fun loving smile, killer moves, sparkling eyes, a filthy mouth, EVERYTHING a Villain could want. So when she auditions to be a stripper at his bar, Tim gives her a very thorough vetting…

Part 1: First she dances on a pole for him, then when he beckons she saunters over to him to press her breasts to his face, shake her ass in his groin, all the best of every lapdance ever. Tim is impressed but to work here she has to do more. He takes a length of rope and Lauren’s eyes light up. Tim ties her hands behind her and starts to whip her, first her ass then turning her around he makes her gorgeous breasts dance and jiggle under his lashing.

Part 2: Lauren’s audition is going well but there’s more to come. Tim adds a chest harness to her bondage, then presses her down before him so she can show just how skilled those lips and tongue are. Lauren licks, worships and sucks his cock and balls like they are the very air she needs to live. Next Tim bends her over a barstool to get a good look at her amazing ass as he presses his cock into her dripping wet and ready pussy. Lauren moans and groans and screams her way through climax after climax as Tim pounds into her and STILL her audition isn’t finished…

Part 3: Lauren’s final trial: Tim flips her over to face him, tying her sexy legs into a frogtie. Then, still inside her, he puts a Hitachi on her clit and rides her like the crazed sex fiend she is as she shrieks and writhes through multiple orgasms. Tim pounds into her with everything he’s got, finally flipping her over again to slam her from behind as she curses up a blue streak. Lauren begs him to cum inside her, and after such a performance, who would deny her that? Tim grunts and growls and unleashes right inside her quivering pulsing pussy until they are both spent. Did Lauren get the job? I’m betting yes, but there may be a few more callbacks just to be sure!

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