Lauren Phillips in Black Widow Defeated

Running Time 37:12 Price $37.00

From an EPIC Custom Video: Lauren Phillips was DESTINED to play Black Widow and I’m just lucky I got to be the Villain in her first ever portrayal of the role! Natasha is undercover in sexy skirt and heels, but she gets double crossed by a H.Y.D.R.A. scientist. He forces her to strip, then rapes her mouth and pussy at gunpoint. Natasha escapes and dons her superheroine costume, but the evil scientist has taken a strength serum and easily overpowers her. He rips her Black Widow costume away, then brutally rapes her again. Horrified, Natasha slowly crumbles from badass fighter to whimpering bitch. She’s curled up in fetal position sucking her thumb by the time he finally floods her pussy with a huge creampie. Broken, Black Widow begs for her life but he casually snaps her neck, then takes pictures of her dead body to send to H.Y.D.R.A. to prove the job is done.
NOTE: Obviously this masterpiece is not available on C4S because guns, drugs, rape, murder, etc. FUCK CENSORSHIP!!! You can buy it at or email me for private sale. Thanks, -Tim