Lauren Phillips Seduced and Corrupted

So I admit this is a tad mainstream for this normally fetishy Villain, but hey when Lauren Phillips invites you to have sex on camera, you say YES. So, we spun it as Creepy Neighbor (that’s me) hits on his pal’s pretty but gullible roommate (that’s her) and when she says she has a new boyfriend but hasn’t done much with him, he offers to teach her how to reeeeeally please her man. What follows is an intense, sloppy, spit-filled romp as Lauren gets worked up and convinced to do a little more and a little more until finally she’s covered in a generous load of my cum. I’m pretty sure her new boyfriend’s gonna be amazed with what I taught her to do. Like I said, it’s pretty vanilla compared to most of my work. No ropes, no knives, no whips, but hey, there’s a drop dead gorgeous redhead having wild amazing sex so I’m betting you’ll still like it!

Lauren Phillips Corrupted