Makayla Cox Stretched and Roasted

From a 2-part Custom Video: Makayla Cox is truly amazing. I’m so lucky to get to work with her again, this time for a classic Damsel In Distress bondage project. She’s wearing only a thong, hands tied tight overhead, bare feet tied together and on tiptoe. A thick cleave gag muffles her moans as she stares into the camera and begs you with her eyes for mercy. Next she’s bound the same way, but lying on her back in an oven. Powerful red heat lamps burn down on her, raising sweat all over her perfect muscular body. Her amazing breasts thrust straight up like offerings to the Bondage Gods, covered in beads of sweat as she moans helplessly. Just how well done do you want her? Hmmmmm?

Makayla Cox Clip 01

Makayla Cox Clip 02