Pristine Edge in Welcome to the Neighborhood

Running time 11:26 Price $12.00

Check out the hot blonde in her yoga pants and crop top, innocently doing her laundry in her new home. She looks so surprised when Tim appears, but he just wants to welcome her to the neighborhood. You know, with a syringe full of cooperation juice. Pristine tries to fend him off but the drugs take hold fast, weakening her too much to resist. He strips her, gropes her, feasts on her exquisite breasts. She protests but can’t stop him as he pushes her to her knees and forces his cock into her mouth. Pristine knows what’s coming next but is powerless to stop it. Tim shoves her to all fours and rapes her doggystyle from behind, ultimately pulling out to cover her ass and back in a massive cumshot. He drugs her again and leaves her there, unconscious and coated with cum. Welcome to the neighborhood, Pristine!
NOTE: this clip not available on C4S because drugs, rape, blah blah blah. You can find it on or email me directly for private sale. Thanks, -Tim