Rahyndee James Spreadeagled and Chloroformed

From a Custom Video… Clip 1 of 4: Rahyndee James is a simple girl, cheerful, not that bright, and does whatever her daddy’s friend Tim tells her is best. Even if that means being chained naked to a bed, hands in restrictive mittens, so she doesn’t get into trouble. Still, she wants to wander off and start mischief, so Tim has to tie her spread-eagled to the bed so she will wait while he makes dinner. Rahyndee trustingly obeys, but the moment he leaves she goes back to writhing and stretching and trying to get free.

Clip 2 of 4: Rahyndee is still naked and tied spread-eagled to the bed. She is restless and even though Tim told her to be good, she struggles and squirms trying to get free. Tim catches her at it and she tries to be sweet and nice, but he only ties her down tighter and turns up the heat, leaving her there to until her sexy naked body is covered in a sheen of sweat and she’s too weak to keep struggling.

Clip 3 of 4: Rahyndee has been lying in the heat a long time, and is weak and shiny from sweat. Tim comes in and gives her some water as he tightens the restraints. Then he says it’s time for her nap, and brings out a bottle of chloroform. Rahyndee protests, whining and moaning, but she knows Tim always does what’s best for her so she reluctantly takes the wet cloth over her face (no choice, really) and tries not to struggle as it takes hold, rendering her sweet young sexy body unconscious.

Clip 4 of 4: Rahyndee is still naked, chained and tied spreadeagle to the bed. She slowly wakens from her drug-induced “nap” but Tim is right there to put her down again. Rahyndee doesn’t want more nap time, and moans and cries, twisting her head this way and that. Tim is firm though, and holds her tight, putting the rag over her nose and mouth until her struggles cease. Then with a little caress of her perfect natural breast he leaves her there for you to observe and savor…

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