Sarah Vandella in “The Hunt”

Sarah Vandella The Hunt

NOTE: this FULL video NOT available through C4S or iWC because chloroform. You can buy the FULL version through NicheClips or hit me up directly for a copy. -Tim

Just a little Horror Porn to brighten/darken your day: Amazingly gorgeous (AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS OMG) Sarah Vandella, in her satin shorts and cami, wandering a spooky dark warehouse as if she’s in a dream. Why is she there? Where is she trying to get to? And who is following her, his black leather boots clomping ominously behind her? She turns, sees him, and starts to run, but no matter how fast she flees his calm slow gait catches up to her. The wet rag goes over her mouth, and she is HIS. A little clothes ripping and rope bondage later and she’s kneeling, wrists and legs bound, in his dungeon. She must do as he wishes, in terror she obeys with her lips, her tongue, then he shoves her down and she must submit to him as he rapes her from behind. Poor Sarah can’t fight it as he forces her to cum over and over. Finally he unloads deep inside her pussy, filling her up. She begs to be let go but he has other plans, and the wet rag goes back over her face. Will her torment ever end? Uh, we kinda hope not…