Sarah Vandella Strangled

From a Custom Video: Sarah Vandella enters her office and takes of her high heels so she can remove her thigh high nude stockings. One at a time she slowly bares her feet, flexes her toes, and puts her sexy heels back on. She leans back at her desk, when suddenly an intruder sneaks up on her and snatching her empty stockings begins to strangle her with them. Sarah’s eyes bulge. She cokes, coughs, spasms and struggles, but she can’t get free. Slowly the life drains from her and her struggles get weaker, until finally she stops struggling altogether. Her attacker tugs violently on the stockings a few more times, then ties them around her throat just to be sure. He leaves her there, tongue protruding out, legs bare, dead at her desk.
NOTE: Obviously this clip is not available on C4S or iWC because duh, strangling. You can buy it from my store, or email me directly for private sale. Thanks, –Tim