Tia Cyrus gets a Massage

Thank goodness for porn. Otherwise you’d never get so amazingly fine a woman as Tia into such a seedy creepy massage parlor. And here we are, watching her strip, showing off her amazing curves, then slip into a satin teddy. You know, ‘because we’re out of towels’ heh heh heh. Anywaaaaaay the massage therapist (that’s me) comes in and spreads a special oil onto her supple shoulders. It’s a ‘muscle relaxant’ and soon poor Tia is out like a light. The creepy perv gropes and caresses her fine ass, then slips a finger into her pussy. He turns her over, still fingering her, then exposes her amazing breasts. He pushes his hard cock into her slack mouth for a while, then finally unloads a massive eruption of jizz all over her breast. Seriously it looks like a glazed poundcake or something. The evil bastard just leaves her there, covered in cum, out cold, for anybody who wanders by to have a turn with. THANK GOODNESS FOR PORN!!!

Tia Cyrus Massage Clip 01