Tia Cyrus Punished

From a Custom Video: Part 1 Tia Cyrus hires a private detective to blackmail her husband. Little does she realize he’s really the infamous ProVillain, already hired by her husband to abduct her and train her as a sex slave! He grabs her off the street and carries her off to his lair. There she is collared and chained on all-fours, ball-gagged, when her captor strolls in with a whip. He explains to his outraged feisty new toy the new rules of her life: He is her Master and she is a worthless fucktoy. She shakes her head in fury but he only laughs and starts to whip her. He beats her brutally, making her scream and shake until she finally caves, sobbing. He removes her gag and makes her repeat the rules of her new life, then makes her beg for his cock. She obeys and he shoves it past- her still trembling lips, using her mouth for his pleasure. After he finally cums, making her swallow every drop, he still isn’t done. To make his final point he takes a long slow piss right down her throat while she gags, eyes bulging in horror as she is forced to drink it. Then he leaves her there, totally broken, to await her next lesson…

Part 2 For her next lesson she kneels, hands cuffed behind her back and chained to her collar. Her new Master makes her look at the camera and tells her a good cocksucking slave can get her Master to cum twice in 25 minutes. Poor Tia has to beg for it, then using only her lips and tongue she must worship her Master’s balls and cock until he shoots a massive load down her throat, washing it down with his piss. Tia isn’t done though, and he drags her to his throne where she must demonstrate her cocksucking skills on his bare toe before being allowed another chance at his cock. Degraded and humiliated, Tia licks and sucks her Master’s bare feet, then his balls and finally his cock before being forced to swallow not only another helping of jizz but more piss as well.

Part 3 It’s time for Master to sample Slave Tia Cyrus’s tight fine pussy. She waits, chained on all fours, blindfolded, ball-gagged, collar tight around her throat. Her Master walks in and grabs her by the hair, and with no warm up rams his cock deep into her. Her fine perfect body quivers and shudders in agony, but he fucks her slowly and relentlessly until she is suffering through multiple forced orgasms. Unsatisfied with her work, Master angrily moves to her face, ripping the blindfold away and making her slurp and suck his glistening cock, cleaning all her juices from him before he rams it into her again, holding her leash like reins in her teeth as he pounds her over and over. He finally cums, not into her pussy but into a bowl. He leaves it for her, and the desperate broken miserable Tia licks up his cum, knowing it’s the only meal she’ll get and she’s going to need her strength for her final lesson…

Part 4 Tia Cyrus is a totally broken, perfectly trained fuck slave. She kneels at her Master’s feet, wearing only her cuffs and collar and heels, hands behind her back presenting her breasts for him. He takes several pictures with his cell phone before commanding her to lick his feet. She obeys immediately, but that does not save her from his cruel whip landing on her back as her tongue worships her Master. When he tires of that, Master commands her to lick his balls and she instantly obeys, never touching him with her hands but only licking and kissing him. Finally Master allows her to suck his cock and Tia does, meekly looking up at him as she pleasures her Master until he cums across her perfect breasts. Tia kneels, sputtering as he dials her husband. He’s seen it all on video, and Tim wants to know what to do with his customer’s broken ruined wife. He says “I understand” and hangs up, forcing Tia to drink one last load of his piss before delivering her fate: her husband doesn’t want a piss-drinking wife, so she is to be sold overseas as a sex slave. The rest of her life will be a repeat of this horror over and over forever!

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