Tiffany Star’s Bad Day

From a GREAT Custom Video, 3 stories: Tiffany mouths off to the Principal, and gets a harsh spanking for punishment. But the Principal gets carried away (wouldn’t you?!?!?) and pulls down her panties as he keeps spanking her. Then he ties her hands and forces her to suck his cock before her bends her over his chair and fucks her like mad!

Later Tiffany flees to an empty classroom to recover herself, and just as she gets her sassy spunk back, the mean old Janitor enters. She kicks over his bucket, but he grabs her and holds a knife to her neck! He strips her while she whimpers in fear, then he shoves her onto a table and takes his turn fucking her tight sweet little body, finally cumming into her mouth and making her swallow it all.

Tiffany finally gets home and strips off her stained schoolclothes. she pulls on a tight black dress, just as her drunken Step-Dad comes in. He grabs her by the arm and demands to know where she’s been all day. She tries to act tough, but soon she’s bent over the sofa, getting another hard spanking. Then he lifts up her dress and finishes her day with one more cruel fucking! Don’t cry Tiffany, tomorrow is sure to be a better day… or not…

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