Abbey Rain in “After School Special”

The uptight straight-laced straight-A student always has a secret, doesn’t she? In this case meet Abbey Rain, perfect student by day, rebellious punk after school. She sneaks into the empty classroom to steal the answers to the next test and sell them to her friends, but somebody catches her. He grabs her and forces her to drink from a bottle of something he’s brought with him. Abbey tries to fight him off, but the drug gets into her system and she goes weak. He pushes her down onto a desk and leers over her. He’s gonna punish her for selling cheat sheets to his daughter, who got caught. Abbey protests but can’t fight the power of the drug. He pours more into her slack mouth and starts to strip her, groping her nice tits and taking photos as he goes. Soon she is moaning in disgust as he pushes his cock into her mouth. Abbey struggles feebly but he flips her over and starts fingering her until she’s dripping wet then slide his cock into her and starts raping her from behind. Next he flips her over and keeps fucking her tight wet teenage pussy. Abbey can do nothing but lie there as he finally pulls out and shoots a giant load of cum all over her bare belly. Then he drugs her again and leaves her there to be found and disgraced the next morning. Now THAT’s an after-school special!

Abbey Rain After School Specail