Alana Cruise in “Jewel Thief Raped”

Alana Cruise Jewel Thief Raped

Running time 11:29 price $12.00

The problem with being a jewel thief is there’s always another thief waiting in the dark to steal your jewels. Alana Cruise returns to her hotel room with a seriously sparkly stash, but Tim is waiting there with a chloroform-rag. Alana gets in one small squeak before he puts her lights out. Then he carries her to the bed and starts to strip and fondle her. I mean, thief or no, who’s going to pass that up? Soon Alana is fully naked, bound and gagged, and watching in muffled horror as Tim samples her goods… and the jewels too, haha. He fingers her, licks and bites her breasts, then rapes her good and rough. Alana can only stare ahead at nothing as he cums, flooding her pussy with his entire load. Then finally Tim takes the jewels and runs, leaving Alana there for the cleaning staff to discover in the morning.
NOTE: this title not available on C4S because chloro, knockout, rape, blah blah blah. You can buy it at or email me for a private sale. There is a short behind-scenes rigging clip available at C4S if you’re into that. -Tim