Amber Rayne, Abducted Attorney

Another Custom Video, but hey, ANY chance to work with Amber I’ll take it! – Amber Rayne thinks she can tackle my operations? She learns quickly that no D.A. is safe from the Villain! I drag her off the street at gunpoint, take her back to my Lair and strip her. Then it’s time for a hard spanking, whipping, and cropping, and that’s just to get her warmed up!

Amber’s punishment continues. Now she’s tied down to a horse while I spank her bare ass, then shove a glass dildo up her asshole. Finally I add a powerful vibrator, showing her that she can’t control herself. I can make her cum whenever I want, as much as I want and she can’t stop me!

I’ve taught Amber a lesson and earned my reward. Tied up and helpless, she can’t stop me from forcing my cock into her mouth for a long rough blowjob before strapping her down on her back and fucking the hell out of her. Finally I blow my load across her belly and leave her there to contemplate her career choices…


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Amber Rayne Abducted