Ashley Lane “Midnight Snack”

Lovely long legged Ashley Lane goes down to the kitchen for a late night snack. She’s wearing only her satin teddy and a satin robe. She prowls around the kitchen looking for a sweet thing, but somebody is already prowling this house. A burglar steps up behind her with a knife! He holds it to her throat. Ashley doesn’t dare scream as he starts slash at her teddy and paw at her defenseless body. If she wakes her family, he might kill them too! He forces her into a chair and ties her hands with the shredded ribbons of silk. Ashley begs and pleads but he holds the knife firm to her throat and forces his cock past her trembling lips and into her mouth. The burglar uses her mouth for his pleasure while poor Ashley sobs and cries. Then he repositions her, tying her on all fours to the chair. He shreds the remainder of her robe away, and too late Ashley realizes what’s going to happen next. She still can’t scream but she softly begs, tears streaming down her face as he steps up behind her. The intruder rapes her from behind, taking her hard and fierce, pounding into her fine pussy as the knife slides up and down her naked back. Ashley can do nothing to stop him as the rape goes on and on. Finally he pulls out and shoots a massive load all across her naked ass and back. Ashley just keeps quietly sobbing as the burglar leaves her there for her family to find in the morning, naked and tied up with his cum cooling on her ass.

NOTE: this video NOT available through C4S or iWC because it has knives and is too rapey. You can buy it through NicheClips or hit me up directly for a private sale. -Tim

Ashley Lane Midnight Snack