Ashley Renee, Agent’s Victim

Ashley is reading at home when a masked man enters, ties her up at gunpoint, then slashes her clothes away with a knife! He’s raving at her about something, demanding information, but she’s so terrified she faints. Oh well, he’ll just carry her off to the interrogation room…

The Agent puts poor Ashley in stocks, then applies tight nipple clamps to her bare breasts. He tortures her, first with bare-hand spanking, then a heavy flogger, finally single-tail whipping her naked flesh until her ass and back are a maze of angry red lines. All the while he demands information of his terrified victim. Ashley just cries and cries, what can she do?

The Agent wraps Ashley up in a straitjacket, then ties her to the posts, leaving her to struggle and writhe while he goes to toss her apartment for whatever the fuck he was looking for. Who cares? We get to watch Ashley Renee in bondage!!!

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